Kassandra Tuten

The road calls to me

In its silent incessant way

Connecting communities






Geologic formations




And rivers

Oceans even

The road beckons

To me

To everyone I suppose

In some way or another

To our imaginations 

Yours and mine

It calls

Harkening back to our 

Hunter-gatherer lives

That forgotten time

When we didn’t live indoors

With our creature comforts

The road begs me

Pleads with me

To return to it

Even if just briefly

It is a good friend

A trusted confidante

It doesn’t lie

It rarely changes

Augmenting very little

And then only so to make


For me

For you

For us

To add to the

Enjoyment it gives

So that when it calls


We follow its voice

Like a siren song

That sweet voice

That lured sailors

To their deaths

But the road is sweet

The road calls to me

It promises great adventure

Long nights chatting

Exploring all sorts of topics

Of importance or not

Watching the landscape change

And night turn to day

Sun to dark

Rain to shine to snow

As you seamlessly

Fly from town to town

To parts familiar

And others unknown 

Or previously uncharted

By you

And maybe by others

In our modern day


Or unloved

For years

Or centuries


Who knows

But the adventure is there



Of the passage of time

The road promises mystery

Dark waters

Underneath man-made bridges

Which connect land and sea

Defying gravity

Blind curves

Around and through

Massive mountains

Upheaved with great force

During the planets’ youthful days

Roadside attractions

And eateries

That look and smell too delicious

So tempting

So mouthwatering

So full of pure joy

That you want 

You need 

To try them all

To stop in

And visit 

The most glorious

And even the strangest 

Of attractions

And the people

People are people


Regardless of time

Or place

All that’s different

Are the accents

And the cultures

Which vary from region to region

But all have a little hint

Of familiarity

Of home

Of mom

Of dad

Of granny

Of grandpa

Of sister

Of brother

Of best friend

The road calls to me

Promising a grand time

And exploits

And memory-making magic

It beckons me

And calls my name

And I yearn for its embrace

For its secrets

And its familiarity

For its stories

For its history

For its light

And its dark

For its unexpected

And its mundane

The road beckons me

And I must answer its call


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