Year 2020 was tough - we can all agree on that! 

Boy, do we wish everyone could agree that easily always.

At a time like right now when people are stressed, heart-broken, and angry - it’s a time when tempers can fly and opinions can be harsh. 

We, at the Herald-Review, do our best to provide an outlet for people to voice their concerns and provide discourse on local, national, and worldwide topics. We have developed a fair process for publishing letters to the editor as they are received. 

In no way what-so-ever do we take liberty in publishing one political viewpoint over another. To be clear, the order of when a letter is published depends on when we receive said letter and whether it follows our guidelines. 

It is with dismay, that this newspaper has been targeted by long-time subscribers and new interests alike who accuse us of being of one political party over another. And, thus, discredit our content. 

The staff at the Herald-Review have a long-standing tradition of bringing Itasca County the latest in stories that relate to local, regional and national issues. We do this with a non-bias position to ensure that all voices are heard. We have all intentions of continuing this tradition - hopefully with support from our readers who should understand that even though we can’t always agree we need to live together. 

If you read something that you don’t agree with in Wednesday’s paper, pick up Sunday’s paper and it’s most likely you’ll feel differently. If you don’t see an opinion you agree with in Sunday’s paper, submit something for Wednesday or get your club or friends to do the same. We accept all opinions and viewpoints. Write to us at 

Editor Britta Arendt may be contacted at or 218-313-3205.


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