The Storyville Project is a recently published book by the Lakes Area Writers Alliance, a not-for-profit organization. This remarkable anthology of short stories is a collection of creative nonfiction and fiction from our Minnesota-based author/members. Because our members come from all walks of life, you will find various genres and styles within.

The Lakes Area Writers Alliance's goal is to encourage and support our fellow writers. Learn more about us at

The Storyville Project: A Collection of Short Stories by Emerging and Established Minnesota Authors is available at and will be coming to a book store near you! 

All proceeds from this book's sales go to The Lakes Area Writers Alliance to support Membership Activities.

Everyone published in this book, and all who worked to see it come to print, have a strong connection to Minnesota. Authors for this first edition of the Storyville Project include: 

Beverly Abear

Carissa Andrews

Matt Black

Diane Carlson

Kacie Clement

Jennifer Dege

Rebecca Flansburg

Joan Hasskamp

John Hurd

Janet Kurtz

David Liebig

Lucas Mumm

Will Paulson

Robert Peterson

Joe Prosit

Barbara Schlichting

Candace Simar

Jack William Smith

Emilee Mae Struss 

The Lakes Area Writers Alliance is a nonprofit organization geared toward encouraging and supporting our fellow writers. They are a group of published and unpublished writers at every skill level who write in various genres. 

For more information about LAWA, visit


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