Robert J. Elkington Middle School (RJEMS) competitive speakers virtually attended the Blackduck hosted speech meet on Monday, March 1, 2021. The speakers did very well, taking first place overall as a team. Blackduck awarded white ribbons to speakers with low melds, lower melds were awarded red ribbons,  and the lowest melds but missing placement were awarded blue ribbons. Medals were awarded to those speakers in first through fifth place.  Individual placements are as follows, starting with the white ribbon placements and working up toward the medalists.

Larson Curnow took a white ribbon in the category of Great Speeches.

Red ribbon winners were Randall Belanger in Informative Speaking, Aerryn Baird in Great Speeches, Camryn Schmitz in Extemp Reading, and the team of Allie Haarklau and Jaden Hebeisen in Drama Duo.

We had one blue ribbon winner, Keira Trest in Poetry.

Medalists in 5th place were Callie Niemann in Prose, Senya Piekarski in Poetry, Katie Chung in Informative Speaking, Gunnar Larson in Great Speeches, Madelyn Hanson in Extemp Reading, and the team of Afton Peterson and Izze Stinar in Drama Duo.

Medalists in 4th place were Paul Davis in Storytelling, Kaitlyn Olson in Great Speeches, Mason Adler in Extemp Reading, and the team of  Anja Beck and Ellee Nelson in Drama Duo.

Medalists in 3rd place were Micah Sween in Storytelling, Aubrey Scharpf in Poetry, Emily Ericson in Informative Speaking,  Jack Sonder in Extemp Reading, the team of Jillian Wakeman and  Isabelle Pederson in Drama Duo, and Evan Linnell in Creative Expression.

Medalists in 2nd place were Rebekah Peterson in Poetry, Sylvie Ledermann in Original Oratory, Molly Magnuson in Extemp Speaking, and the team of Kelsie Zimmer and Aryanna Daydodge in Drama Duo.

First place medalists and champions in their respective categories were Ryleigh Sherlock in Poetry and Ryan Martinson in Original Oratory.

With another great meet in the books, the speakers look forward to their final junior high competition scheduled for Thursday, March 11, hosted by Walker.


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