Greenway Fitness Center

Greenway Public School celebrates new DON’T QUIT!TM fitness center

More than 600 students gathered at the Greenway high school auditorium on Wednesday, Oct. 2 for a thrilling ribbon cutting ceremony to open the school’s new DON’T QUIT!TM Fitness Center. Chairman of the National Foundation for Governors’ Fitness Councils (NFGFC) Jake Steinfeld, better known as notable fitness trainer with his brand Body by Jake, helped kick-off the event with the students.

Dan Mell, activities director of Greenway Public Schools, described the ribbon cutting ceremony as an exciting event. He noted that Steinfeld gave an inspirational speech that highlighted the benefits of being active, including improved physical and mental health.

Greenway Public Schools was selected as one of three schools in Minnesota as a DON’T QUIT! Fitness Champion in May 2019. Breckenridge Elementary and E STEM Middle School in Woodbury were the other two schools selected. Twenty-eight states have had schools selected to receive a fitness center for their demonstration of new and creative ways of promoting physical health and wellness. Mell, who wrote the application for Greenway, described the process.

“What really stood out to them was we didn’t have anything to be innovative,” Mell said.

Mell hopes that the new fitness center will now give the school the opportunity to be innovative and to provide access to all students.

The fitness center includes a cardio section with machines such as ellipticals, bikes and treadmills. There are multi-function cable machines, monkey bars, weight lifting equipment and cross fit equipment. All together, there are 15 different stations for users to move through with 30 different pieces of equipment. All equipment is provided by TuffStuff Fitness International which manufactures their parts in the United States.

Financing for each fitness center is through public and private partnerships with companies such as Anthem Foundation, Wheels Up, The Coca-Cola Company and Nike. The program is not reliant on taxpayer dollars or state funding.

“As we end fall sports season, I think going into the next season that transition will be beneficial to a lot of the students,” Mell noted.

Mell added that the school is working to establish staffing for the fitness center with community education for hours after school. In particular, they would like to have the space available for the Boys and Girls Club groups.

Minnesota Governor Tim Walz signed a proclamation to declare October as “DON’T QUIT! Fitness Month.” During this month, “families and communities are encouraged to renew their commitment to making physical activity and healthy eating part of our children’s daily lives,” according to a press release from the NFGFC.

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