While many kids are out enjoying their summer vacation, Lauren Junker-LaDoux and Carsyn How are busy preparing for the upcoming International Bible Quiz meet in Orlando, Fla., this July 5-11. Lauren, Carsyn and their coach Gretchen Hyink shared what the competition is like, how they practice and why they are involved with the activity.

Hyink began coaching in 2003. Bible Quizzing is for children ages 10 through 12th grade with meets being held September through April. Lauren and Carsyn are a part of the North Central District and will be joined by two other quizzers from Groton, S.D. and Belle Plaine, Minn. at the International Bible Quiz meet.

Each year focuses on specific chapters in the Bible. This year, competitors studied the book of John. There are even different varieties of questions about the material. The types of questions include: Multiple answer, situation, regular, finish this verse, chapter reference, chapter verse reference, and quotes. Sitting on benches, participants simply have to stand up first to be able to answer the question. This method is also referred to as “jumping” by the participants.

“Both of them are quite competitive,” Hyink commented about Lauren and Carsyn.

Lauren began competing when she was nine years old and Carsyn has been competing since he was seven years old. The two divide what category of questions they focus on studying in order to have a more in-depth knowledge of the topic. They both try to practice every day on their own in addition to the team practices.

“Yesterday I only got an hour,” Lauren said. “The day before that I got an hour and 15 minutes.”

This is not the first time Lauren has qualified for the international competition. The past three years she has been invited to the competition but decided not to attend. This year with Carsyn also qualifying, she felt that the timing was finally right.

“I kind of felt like I owed it to the district,” Lauren said.

Lauren and Carsyn both have their own reasons for being a part of the team.

“I’m going to do it until I graduate,” Lauren commented. “Having the word of God, I mean sports, you can only be in that for so long, but this is something that will stick with you forever.”

“For me, this has been the way I connected with God,” Carsyn said. “And it’s really competitive, too.”

Hyink would love to have more participants in the program and reminded that the material is taken from scripture, making denominational difference not a factor. Next year’s material will be focused on Hebrews, 1st and 2nd Peter (2011 NIV).


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