This week, a woman who once served as director of nursing at two assisted living facilities in Grand Rapids was charged with seven counts of felony theft of a controlled substance and one count of gross misdemeanor mistreatment of a resident or patient.

Kimberly Ann Korpi, 46, of Goodland, appeared in district court Monday, Nov. 4. According to the criminal complaint, Korpi was hired as director of nursing at River Grand in January of 2015 and was later hired as director of nursing at Majestic Pines on June 12, 2017.

On July 19, 2018, the Grand Rapids Police Department became involved in an investigation at Majestic Pines regarding numerous missing narcotic medications. At the time, Majestic Pines management had also conducted an internal investigation after hearing concerns that Korpi was placing certain patient narcotic medications in an "overflow" in her office, but the pills that went to the overflow were never being returned to the patient's active medication supply. Nursing staff further indicated that when they would contact Korpi to obtain the patient's medications which should have been in the overflow cabinet in Korpi's office, Korpi would frequently come up with excuses as to why she could not access the cabinet and/or would be unwilling to come into the office on nights or weekends to get patient's narcotic medications out of the overflow cabinet for them.

During the course of the internal investigation at Majestic Pines, narcotic pill documentation reflected that between October 2017 and July 2018, Korpi personally placed 1,259 narcotic pills into an overflow cabinet in her office but returned only 55 narcotic pills to patients’ active medication counts in the narcotics cabinet in the nursing office.

One home health aide employed at Majestic Pines told investigators that an incident in June of 2018 arose over a weekend where Korpi claimed to have lost her keys. During that weekend, two patients were out of narcotics. Without medication, one patient was in physical pain and was going through withdrawals. The aide told investigators she believed that Korpi's actions caused harm to the patient.

The criminal complaint further states that during the investigation, all staff persons at Majestic Pines were interviewed and agreed that due to the rigorous procedures involving counting narcotic medications and working different shifts with different personnel on a rotating basis, it would be impossible for anyone in their respective positions to cover up the theft of even a small quantity of pills for any significant amount of time. Virtually all of the staff persons interviewed indicated that the only individual with the access to the narcotic pills and lack of checks and balances to monitor her actions was Korpi.

Some of the patients in the facility were prescribed medications on an "as needed" basis, referred to as PRN medications, notes the complaint. Some of the patients in the facility would not take their PRN medications on a daily basis. However, Korpi continued to order the medications (particularly Hydrocodone pills). Because patients at Majestic Pines paid for their medications out of their own pocket, the patients were ultimately forced to pay for medications that they did not need or use. The investigation indicated that narcotic medications paid for by the patients were signed out to the overflow managed by Korpi, never to be seen again.

Further investigation into Korpi's employment at River Grand Senior Living facility, where she served as director of nursing, revealed another case of Oxycodone pills that had gone missing from the overflow cabinet.

Management staff at both Majestic Pines and River Grand as well as owners with Progressive Care, the parent company of both facilities, fully cooperated with the Grand Rapids Police Department's criminal investigation.

At Korpi's first appearance Monday, the court imposed conditions including no contact with both residential facilities. Korea was also ordered to appear back in court on Jan. 6, 2020, at 9:30 a.m.


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