Feb. 3, 1900-Phillip Binsfield, LaPrairie taxidermist, was killed when struck by a train while walking between Grand Rapids and LaPrairie.

Feb. 3, 1900-The Hon. H.C. Stivers, publisher of the Brainerd Journal, will publish the attractions of Grand Rapids and Itasca County in a 32-page book.


Feb. 2, 1910-Alex King of Coleraine, secretary of the Itasca Ski Club, said the national ski tournament to be conducted in Coleraine on Feb. 19-20, will be one of the most attended events in the history of the sport. The new steel slide is now in readiness for the tournament.

Feb. 2, 1910-Grand Rapids and Cohasset liquor dealers formed an organization to promote and assist in the proper observance of all state laws.

Feb. 2, 1910-The switchmen of the northwest who have been on strike since Nov. 30, are expected to return to work Feb. 7.


Feb. 4, 1920-The Grand Rapids Village Council passed an ordinance to establish the grade of Fourth Street, from Winnipeg Avenue east to the village limits for paving purposes.

Feb. 4, 1920-Though the available timber in Itasca County is far less than a few years ago, the total amount cut and hauled still amounts to a very respectable total.

Feb. 4, 1920-New officers of the Itasca County Old Settlers Association are LeRoy Wheaton, president, William Hoolihan, vice president, A.A. Reid, secretary, and George F. Kremer, treasurer.

Feb. 4, 1920-Frank Brusewitz of Wirt has patented a road grader.


Feb. 5, 1930-The Grand Rapids High School debate team won the district championship and will enter regional competition. Members of the team are Wilbur Inman, Alberta Bahr and Bruce Latz.

Feb. 5, 1930-Albert L. Thwing announced his candidacy for the nomination as district judge.


Jan. 31, 1940-Mrs. C.K. Blandin, 68, who was injured in a fall in the streets of St. Paul, died.

Jan. 31, 1940-S.E. Heller and Co., owners of a number of theaters in Itasca County, announced the purchase of The Star in Bovey and The Calumet at Calumet. He now owns six theaters in Grand Rapids, Coleraine, Bovey, Calumet and Nashwauk.

Jan. 31, 1940-Work is underway at the Danube Mine at Bovey to enlarge the capacity of the washing plant.


Feb. 2, 1950-Word came from the Philadelphia Eagles that the professional football champions will return to Grand Rapids for summer training this year.

Feb. 2, 1950-R.P. Weidenfeller, 63, Coleraine, former chief mining engineer for the Oliver Iron Mining Co.’s Canisteo District, died.

Feb. 2, 1950-Temperatures dropped to 49 below zero, the coldest weather seen here in 15 years.

Feb. 2, 1950-The former Nesselrod Jewelry Store will be renamed Castle Jewelry. The name was submitted in a contest by Mrs. M.J. Schirber of Grand Rapids.

Feb. 2, 1950-Ernest J. Zoske was named the new manager of the Gamble Store at Remer.


Feb. 2, 1960-Airman 1/C Bruce C. Barwise of Bovey climbed stiffly from an experimental Air Force survival capsule after a 72-hour test in the chilly waters of Lake Erie at Buffalo, N.Y.

Feb. 2, 1960-Gov. Orville L. Freeman will climax his 1960 “Report to the People” tour in Grand Rapids Feb. 10.

Feb. 2, 1960-Deer River has been informed that it cannot borrow money for contribution to the completion of the community hospital by pledging future revenue of the municipal liquor store.

Feb. 2, 1960-Marlene Wisuri of Bovey was named queen at Itasca Junior College homecoming festivities.

Feb. 4, 1960-Net profit for municipal liquor store operations in Grand Rapids for 1959 was $93,959.

Feb. 4, 1960-Foster homes for the temporary care of teen-aged boys and girls are needed by the Itasca County Welfare Department.


Jan. 29, 1970-Two-and-a-half days of testimony ended in the suit by eight Grand Rapids residents to halt construction of a new high school on property on the north shore of Hale Lake within American Legion Memorial Park.

Feb. 2, 1970-Sharon Rachunek of Goodland 4-H Club was selected winner in the county 4-H Speaking Contest.

Feb. 2, 1970-E.H. Whalen, personnel director of the Blandin Paper Co., was elected president of the United Fund of Northeastern Minnesota Board of Directors.

Feb. 2, 1970-Taxes payable this year will be for most property in Itasca County. However, the increase in most areas will be less than 10 percent compared to increases of nearly 20 percent recorded in many parts of the county last year.

Feb. 2, 1970-Sharon Doty was selected homecoming queen at Grand Rapids High School. Jim Crowder was named king.


Feb. 4, 1980-Cynthia L. Gilpin of Afton, a former Grand Rapids resident, has been selected for the 1979 Outstanding Young Women of American Awards Program.

Feb. 7, 1980-A 50-cent increase approved for monthly charges for Rapids Cable TV last September will be halted until customers”receive promised services,” the city council decided.


Jan. 31, 1990-The Minnesota Office of Tourism presented its top Travel Marketing Award of Excellence to the Grand Rapids 1989 Judy Garland Festival.

Jan. 31, 1990-Guitarist for the band The Strangers, Robert Wayne Edrington, 48, will serve 90 days in jail for his conviction of drug possession imposed by a jury in Grand Rapids. He was sentenced for possession of methamphetamine.

Jan. 31, 1990-Grand Rapids High School debaters who will compete at state include Stephanie Omersa, Craig Solem, Stephanie Olson and Chris Crowe.

Feb. 4, 1990-The Itasca County Board told 120 people attending a public hearing that selling the Itasca Nursing Home is not now being actively considered as an option. The commissioners are looking closely at a proposal from the St. Paul-based Board of Social Ministry.


Jan. 30, 2000-Don Simons, Grand Rapids, has been elected to serve as president of the Minnesota State Agriculture Society, the governing body of the state fair which is also responsible for upkeep and modernization of facilities.

Jan. 30, 2000-Dr. Mike Johnson, who has served as dean of students at Itasca Community College for the past four years, has been named campus provost and will assume his new duties Feb. 2.

Jan. 30, 2000-Itasca County plans to take away the fear associated with public hearings when it hosts an open house to talk about five-year highway improvement plans.

Feb. 2, 2000-The Itasca County Sheriff’s Department plans to shape up with the implementation of a wellness/fitness program approved by the Itasca County Board.

Feb. 2, 2000-Wanda Moeller, editor of the Grand Rapids Herald-Review, won first place in the best local news category for weekly newspapers over 5,000 circulation. Her winning entry, a coverage of the retrial of Kellie Sater last spring, was a compilation of stories, graphics and photographs surrounding the gang murder of William Booth in October 1997.


Jan. 31, 2010-The $1.2 billion state budget deficit and start of the 2010 Minnesota Legislative session have Itasca County Commissioners very cautious about spending any county funds.

Jan. 31, 2010-Bruno Boscia and Stephanie Troumbly were chosen as Greenie Gambol Royalty at Greenway High School.

Jan. 31, 2010-The Grand Rapids Herald-Review claimed top honors for social issues stories for weekly publications during the annual conference of the Minnesota Newspaper Association Stories by staff writers Marie Nitke and Lisa Rosemore took both first and second place for the category which recognizes stories that focus on community issues and inform readers.

Feb. 3, 2010-The Christ Episcopal Church in Grand Rapids was entered and damaged with items also stolen.

Feb. 3, 2010-Gov. Tim Pawlenty was in Hibbing fielding questions from area residents concerned about the state’s budget, health care, education and more.

Feb. 3, 2010-John Gale Burns, 61, Lakeville, Minn., died as a result of a snowmobile accident four-and-a-half miles east of Highway 46 on the north end of the city of Squaw Lake.


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