Oct. 20, 1900-Frank E. Bowden, with the Eighth Army Corps in the China campaign, is the son of John E. Bowden of Grand Rapids. He wrote from Tientsin, China, about events in the Oriental War.

Oct. 20, 1900-Captain S.R. Van Sant, Republican candidate for governor, was blasted in a front page editorial of the Herald-Review.


Oct. 19, 1910-In a saloon brawl at Calumet, one man is dead, another is held in the county jail while two more are fugitives from justice. The brawl took place in a saloon conducted by Nick Rabatich. George Gevor was killed in the brawl.

Oct. 19, 1910-The city of Grand Rapids collected $500 for fire sufferers in Minnesota.

Oct. 19, 1910-Frank Caldwell Jr. has been shot in the Sand Lake area. There is suspicion of foul play. Coroner Russell is investigating.


Oct. 20, 1920-Automobile thieves entered the Hughes and Gildemeister garage in Grand Rapids and secured a new Ford automobile, driving away with the car and escaping without a trace.

Oct. 20, 1920-Congressman W.L. Carss, who was in Grand Rapids, is interested in aiding the farmers of northern Minnesota to secure low-priced explosives to use in clearing their land from the stumps that now hinder cultivation.


Oct. 22, 1930-War veterans in Grand Rapids denounced Sen. Scholl for claiming support of former service men.

Oct. 22, 1930-A concert will be conducted in Grand Rapids to raise funds to meet the last obligations incurred in constructing the public tennis courts on the high school campus.


Oct. 16, 1940-Governor Harold E. Stassen will stop in Grand Rapids Oct. 26, for a speaking engagement.

Oct. 16, 1940-W.A. Taylor of Meadowlands has purchased D.A. Grussendorf’s large farm on the south shore of Pokegama Lake.

Oct. 16, 1940-An injunction restraining Fred Groth of Deer River, forest products and producer, from future violations of the Fair Labor Standards Act, was filed.

Oct. 16, 1940-The Dahl Bakery will soon open in Grand Rapids.

Oct. 16, 1940-George O’Brien, Grand Rapids, Albin Rudquist, Alvwood, and John P. Raattama, Nashwauk, were officially selected as members of the Itasca County Draft Board.


Oct. 19, 1950-Victor Sterbenc, 38, Nashwauk, was killed at the Hawkins Mine garage when a tire exploded.

Oct. 19, 1950-Residents from the Grand Rapids school district will vote on a $1.5 million bond issue at the general election. Purposes of the issue are for the “acquisition and betterment of schoolhouses, teacherage and school garages in the district.”

Oct. 19, 1950-Homecoming queen candidates at Grand Rapids High School are Alice Hafar, Betty Weyrick, Doris Johnson, Evon Sawert and Joan Richardson.

Oct. 19, 1950-Pfc. Jay L. Brockway, 23, Grand Rapids, has been seriously wounded in combat in Korea.


Oct. 17, 1960-Walter Bubany of Bovey has resigned from the District 316 (Greenway) Board of Education. He said he resigned because of his respect for the state laws governing schools operating on a cash basis.

Oct. 17, 1960-A sonic boom created by jet aircraft high above Grand Rapids is blamed for shattering a large plate glass window in the Longrie Motors building.

Oct. 17, 1960-Water will be a major problem for the world 10 years from now, Congressman John A. Blatnik predicted in Grand Rapids at the annual dinner meeting of the Izaak Walton League.

Oct. 17, 1960-Six Itasca Junior College students have been selected the candidates for homecoming queen. They are Geraldine Young, Andrea Risse, Rosalie Rydberg, Sandi Eilertson, Karen Muench and Sally Sarff.

Oct. 20, 1960-District 316’s Board of Education at Coleraine voted not to approve the resignation of director Walter Bubany.

Oct. 20, 1960-Manchester Industries, Inc. of Manchester, Iowa, has leased the Deer River wood processing plant. It has been vacant for several years but maintained in operating condition by the Iron Range Resources and Rehabilitation Commission.

Oct. 20, 1960-Phyllis Torkelson was named homecoming queen at Bigfork High School.


Oct. 15, 1970-Grand Rapids residents will vote on the split-liquor option at the December village election. If voters approve the change, the village could issue three on-sale liquor licenses and retain off-sale operations.

Oct. 15, 1970-Two people were seriously injured in an airplane crash into a heavily timbered area five miles south of Swan River and several miles northeast of Jacobson. Inured were Medric Godbout of Grand Rapids and Robert Ryan of Brainerd.

Oct. 15, 1970-E.J. Bickley has sold the Lakeland Creamery in Grand Rapids to Earl Erickson of Grand Marais, Minn., effective Oct. 1.

Oct. 19, 1970-Mrs. C.C. Wilcox of Grand Rapids and John Fazio of Keewatin were honored in Grand Rapids by the Minnesota Heart Association.

Oct. 19, 1970-Itasca County Social Service Board members approved a tax levy for 1971 of $1.4 million, a decrease of $73,029 from the 1970 levy.

Oct. 19, 1970-A moose was killed when struck by a vehicle on County Road 11 in Bass Brook Township.

Oct. 19, 1970-Dr. Gerald Brancich will open an office and pet hospital in Grand Rapids.

Oct. 19, 1970-Alfred Paul Peloquin, a pioneer resident of Bigfork and a pioneer lumberman, died at age 86. He came to this area in 1900.


Oct. 16, 1980-Grand Rapids City Council members agreed to proceed with gathering plans and information required for applying for a Community Development Block grant from HUD for a downtown development project.

Oct. 16, 1980-Len Hedman is the new president of the Grand Rapids Area Chamber of Commerce.

Oct. 16, 1980-Judith Pittack, an adult geriatric nurse practitioner with the Itasca County Public Health Department, will receive the Minnesota Nurses Association 1980 Distinguished Service Award.

Oct. 16, 1980-E.O. Danielson, 58, a prominent Grand Rapids automobile dealer, died.

Oct. 16, 1980-Lisa Brill was named homecoming queen at Grand Rapids High School while Dave Fulton was named king.

Oct. 20, 1980-A petition signed by 184 persons was presented to the Grand Rapids Public Utilities Commission urging that it remove all chlorine from city water.

Oct. 20, 1980-Minnesota’s Special Olympics Winter Games will be conducted at Sugar Hills near Grand Rapids on Feb. 26 and 27, 1981, it was announced.


Oct. 17, 1990-The properties of the Central Square Mall will officially go to a sheriff’s auction to the highest bidder Nov. 29, as part of a mortgage restructuring agreement between the First Bank National Association, Minneapolis, and the Grand Rapids-Central Square Limited Partnership.

Oct. 21, 1990-Convicted murderer Audie Fox’s petition for a new trial has been denied by Judge James E. Preece. Fox had asked for a retrial because he felt his April 1982 conviction for first degree murder and the life sentence imposed was incorrect. A trial court in Crow Wing County found him guilty of the premeditated shooting murder of Itasca County Deputy Sheriff Robert “Beefy” Lawson.

Oct. 21, 1990-Itasca County probation officer Jim Sweeney received the 1990 Professional Achievement Award from the Minnesota Corrections Association.


Oct. 18, 2000-Two anonymous donors injected new life into the Grand Rapids school district when they collectively donated $750,000 in new building capital.

Oct. 18, 2000-Cautious optimism greeted the prospect of a new community resource building in Bigfork.

Oct. 22, 2000-Despite all the activities conducted at the Itasca County Fairgrounds during the course of a year, user groups believe the property needs to be rejuvenated.

Oct. 22, 2000-Members of the Grand Rapids Economic Development Authority unanimously agreed to recommend the Itasca County commissioners’ support and approve a waiver of fees for materials deposited at the county landfill as a result of the pending demolition of the Kremer Building.


Oct. 17, 2010-Grand Rapids will not be passing an ordinance banning synthetic marijuana any time in the near future, but the Minnesota State Board of Pharmacy may take action within 90 days and classify it as a controlled substance.

Oct. 17, 2010-Helene Teresa Mitchel-Abraham, 60, Remer, has been charged with felony second degree intentional murder in connection with the death of her estranged husband, Wendall Wayne Abraham, 64, of Remer.

Oct. 20, 2010-Grand Rapids will host a debate between Congressman Jim Oberstar and Chip Cravaack.


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