Dec. 16, 1899-Ada Kremer, Mamie Sherry, Grace Polley, Ida Doran, Janey Slocum, Alexander Vient, Lizzie Whaling, Jean Boery, Roy Lothrop, Harry Varley and Daisy Toombes have finished one-half year of the eighth grade work and are now doing half work with the first year high school class.

Dec. 16, 1899-Village Marshal Frank McCormick has been absent several days looking after his farm in the northern part of the county. James McCormick is on duty in his absence.


Dec. 15, 1909-The case against former Itasca County Treasurer Kremer is nearing finish. The evidence tends to show the defense will be mental incapability. Kremer is charged with bilking county funds.

Dec. 15, 1909-The first regular passenger train on the extension from Grand Rapids to Nashwauk was run.

Dec. 15, 1909-Itasca County will receive the greatest advertisement in its history in the holding of the national ski tournament in Coleraine in February of next year.

Dec. 15, 1909-Thirteen saloons in Deer River considered within the territory affected by treaty, will be shut down. Three will be allowed to remain open.

Dec. 15, 1909-T.R. Dodson of Nashwauk purchased a barbershop there from Joseph O’Day.


Dec. 17, 1919-Marion L. Burton, president of the University of Minnesota, was keynote speaker in a meeting at Bovey.

Dec. 17, 1919-A number of prominent men from different villages on the Mesaba Range met at Eveleth to perfect an organization for the purpose of putting on a campaign of education in regard to the tonnage tax on iron ore.

Dec. 17, 1919-W.A. Markus, merchant at Marble, was arrested following a fire at his store. He has confessed to starting the blaze and Fred Edner of Marble is also implicated and in custody.

Dec. 17, 1919-H.C. Marr sold his Third Street corner to the First National Bank of Grand Rapids.


Dec. 18, 1929-Grand Rapids people are remembering with mingled terror and amazement the close association last summer with a man who now proves to have been the leader of a notorious bandit gang. The man, formerly known as Frederick Dane and Frederick Burke, was known here last summer as Herbert Church. He spent six weeks at Mike Brown’s resort on Johnson Lake, north of Grand Rapids.

Dec. 18, 1929-William Welte, one of the pioneers of the Bigfork Valley, died.

Dec. 18, 1929-Bigfork men have organized a fire department.

Dec. 18, 1929-A skating rink is nearly completed on Crystal Lake, on the north end of Leland Avenue.

Dec. 18, 1929-The dedication of the new village hall in Grand Rapids will be Dec. 19.


Dec. 13, 1939-Ben Maki, 59, Virginia, was killed in an automobile accident near Swan River.

Dec. 13, 1939-New records for iron ore shipments from an Itasca County mine in recent years were made this past season by Hill Annex Mine at Calumet. A total of 2,166,603 tons of ore was shipped.

Dec. 13, 1939-Two acts of the Grand Rapids Village Council have aroused public interest. One was a definite order to the village police department to close down all gambling in Grand Rapids. The second action was to raise the 3.2 beer license fees.

Dec. 13, 1939-Definite evidence that wild elk once roamed the woods of Itasca County was found. Elmer Robinson, who lives on Spider Lake, and Gar Fordham found elk horns in a muddy bay on the lake. Another set of elk antlers were found in Pokegama Lake 30 years ago.


Dec. 15, 1949-Gus Huhn sold Forest Lake Lodge to Clarence Oswald of Mankato and Clyde Snyder of Elmore. L.J. McFaddin holds a three-year lease on the lodge and will continue operation.

Dec. 15, 1949-Sen. Hubert H. Humphrey stropped in Grand Rapids briefly after speaking engagements on the Iron Range.

Dec. 15, 1949-Clarence Akre, a paper mill employee for 15 years, was appointed member of the board of the Blandin Foundation.


Dec. 15, 1959-Grand Rapids Village Council members have tentatively agreed to delay construction of a sewage disposal plant until 1961.

Dec. 15, 1959-Dr. August Benhart Salmela, 45, North Central Station animal husbandsman, died.

Dec. 15, 1959-Rudolph T. Elstad, 64, president of Oliver Iron Mining Division of U.S. Steel, a former Coleraine resident, died in Duluth.

Dec. 15, 1959-Patrick J. Moriarty has joined state Rep. George Wagensteen to form a law office in Grand Rapids.

Dec. 17, 1959-Horace C. Barnes, publisher of the Bovey Press, has purchased the Itasca Iron News from Mr. and Mrs. L.G. Lammon of Coleraine. A new name will be selected for the newspaper, which will be combined into one.

Dec. 17, 1959-Attorneys representing Itasca County, Bass Brook Township and School District 318 at Grand Rapids have recommended acceptance of a proposal by the Minnesota Power & Light Co. to settle a tax assessment dispute over the Clay Boswell Plant at Cohasset.


Dec. 11, 1969-Army Specialist Four Melven Bimberg, 21, Calumet, received the Silver Star for gallantry in action in Vietnam.

Dec. 11, 1969-The Itasca County Board approved a budget of $1,724,900 to operate the county in 1970, then requested that the Welfare Board re-examine the 1970 Welfare Department budget for $1,558,029 and try to pare down the figure somewhat.

Dec. 11, 1969-Another new business place opened this week in Grand Rapids as Glenn’s Super Valu welcomed customers to its new building.

Dec. 15, 1969-Plans to reactivate the Itasca Coin Club were made.


Dec. 13, 1979-The Itasca County Board approved the hiring of Bernard Bodien as assistant county attorney.

Dec. 13, 1979-Grand Rapids City Council members indicated that they will probably call for an advisory vote on the controversial question of the restoration or replacement of the Central School building.

Dec. 13, 1979-A Hibbing attorney told the Grand Rapids City Council that he has been retained to represent two persons opposed to the vacation of Third Street to placate Blandin Paper Co.

Dec. 13, 1979-Construction is on schedule for the new beach house at Blandin Beach in Grand Rapids.

Dec. 17, 1979-City council members agreed to apply for a $900,000 grant from the Blandin Foundation toward expansion of the IRA Civic Center.


Dec. 14, 1989-Cindy Church 12, LaVerne, Calif., who has an inoperable brain tumor, who has expressed a desire to see how the Mellow Smello Co. of New Hope, Minn., manufactures its scented scratch and sniff stickers, will travel to Grand Rapids to visit NorthPrint, owned by Mello Smello owner Jon Miner.

Dec. 14, 1989-The Itasca County Board approved a budget of $16,810,378, a 4.6 percent increase from last year.

Dec. 17, 1989-Arson is being investigated in the loss of a construction and a storage trailer which burned at the Al Sandstrom Co. expansion site in LaPrairie.

Dec. 17, 1989-Janet Crawford, Mandan, N.D., has been hired as the new library director of the Grand Rapids Public Library, effective Jan. 1.


Dec. 12, 1999-A woman who helped put meals on the table and made holidays a bit brighter for many Itasca County residents died Dec. 9. Maria Nottingham, founder and director of the Second Harvest North Central Food Bank, died from cancer at age 47.

Dec. 12, 1999-A majority vote by the Grand Rapids Township Board determined the township’s lifespan. The orderly annexation agreement will merge the township with the city of Grand Rapids over the next 10 years.

Dec. 15, 1999-An agreement has been reached that will allow for the orderly annexation between the city of Grand Rapids and Grand Rapids Township.


Dec. 13, 2009-A bus from Hibbing carrying supports of the Poly-Met project were met by people standing outside the Schwan Center in Blaine also in support of the project.

Dec. 13, 2009-The state budget shortfall and weather are standing in the way for work to start on Itasca County’s new railroad to service Essar Steel.

Dec. 13, 2009-Michael Patrick Skubitz, 28, Oak Grove, Minn., who has three prior DWI convictions has been charged in connection with a Nov. 8 fatal accident on County Road 348 near Bigfork. Skubitz’s passenger, Jon Michael Blaskey, 27, Anoka, was dead at the scene.

Dec. 16, 2009-Itasca County officially closed on the sale of 3,975 acres of tax-forfeited land to Essar Steel Minnesota, LLC. Also made official was the county’s abandonment of interests in all stockpiles located on the property sold to Essar as per the term sheet executed on Oct. 6, 2009.


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