Dec. 2, 1899-A.H. Powers, general manager of the Powers-Simpson Lumber Co., was terribly slashed with a knife in the hands of a murderous Finnlander, and that he is alive today is contrary to the intention of his assailant at a logging camp.

Dec. 2, 1899-The Great Northern Restaurant, managed by James O’Brien, opened in Grand Rapids. Another restaurant that has opened in Grand Rapids is one owned by Dave Chambers.


Dec. 1, 1909-Hattie F. Booth, county superintendent of schools, said there will be a total of seven schools in Itasca County this year which have complied with requirements of law and will receive state aid. The schools are in Cohasset, Bigfork, Taconite, LaPrairie, McKay, Norman and Goodland.

Dec. 1, 1909-An order by the Indian Service Department closing saloons under a treaty act does not affect Itasca County.

Dec. 1, 1909-If there is a Black Hand organization operating on the Western Mesaba, the society was given a black eye when two members were given sentences of four years each at hard labor in the state prison at Stillwater. They were arrested at Bovey for extortion of money from fellow Italians.


Dec. 3, 1919-The year 1919 has been the greatest year in the history of the agricultural development of Itasca County.

Dec. 3, 1919-William Hulbert, justice of the peace at Deer River, is in trouble with county authorities. It is claimed that Hulbert has acted as justice at the trials of numerous people at Deer River, collected fines and failed to make proper returns of the fines to the county treasury.

Dec. 3, 1919-A petition signed by a large number of businessmen and professionals in Grand Rapids was presented to the county board asking it to legalize the survey of the paved route between Grand Rapids and Bovey. The county board approved it.


Dec. 4, 1929-August Johnson was elected mayor of Coleraine for the 11th time. Crockett Brown was elected village president of Nashwauk. John Webb was elected village president of Keewatin while Durant Barclay was elected village president of Marble. J. Risse was elected village president of Bovey..

Dec. 4, 1929-W.B. Armstead, Grand Rapids, pioneer resident of northern Minnesota, died.

Dec. 4, 1929-Rathborne, Hair and Ridgeway, the company which operates the plant and mill in Deer River, bought a mill in Cass Lake.


Nov. 29, 1939-No more transient wanderers without a home or job will be sent to the Thistledew WPA Camp. Lack of funds has closed the camp.

Nov. 29, 1939-Total debt of all governmental units in Itasca County was $1,199,757 the first of the present year.


Dec. 1, 1949-Arlis Hopkins was appointed to the Grand Rapids police force to replace Orville Johnson.

Dec. 1, 1949-Dr. Thomas Russell, longtime resident of Itasca County, believes that the report that a hunter killed two reindeer near Grand Rapids in 1897 may have been correct. He recalls where a private individual brought the animals to this area to see if they could thrive.

Dec. 1, 1949-Dean D. Armstrong has taken over the accounting and bookkeeping service established by Alon Warren.

Dec. 1, 1949-A special rededication service will be conducted at the Bovey Presbyterian Church.

Dec. 1, 1949-Mrs. Tauno W. Alnasoja was commissioned postmaster at Wawina to succeed Mr. Ina Nelson.

Dec. 1, 1949-Father Dennis Parnell of St. Joseph’s Mission at Ball Club will conduct “Classes on Wheels” this year. A 37-passenger school bus will be used as a classroom for religious instruction for students at Deer River, Bena, Ball Club and Jackson School.

Dec. 1, 1949-No action was taken by the Minnesota Executive Council on the extension of the Tioga mineral leases, southwest of Grand Rapids.


Dec. 1, 1959-Operations of the Tri-County Mental Health Center started officially in the Itasca County Courthouse in Grand Rapids.

Dec. 3, 1959-Bruce Adamson of Grand Rapids was awarded the Eagle Scout.

Dec. 3, 1959-Bigfork has a doctor again. Dr. R.J. Lynn arrived in northern Itasca County Dec. 1, to succeed Dr. Edward Detjen who has moved to Arizona.


Nov. 27, 1969-Grand Rapids Public Utilities Commission Cashier Ray Litchke reports that the department has moved into its new quarters in the remodeled fire hall.

Nov. 27, 1969-Architect’s drawings and a scale model of the new high school proposed for Legion Memorial Park were presented.

Nov. 27, 1969-Commercial West magazine paid tribute to W.C. Holt, 72, former Itasca County banker who died Nov. 8.

Dec. 1, 1969-Grand Rapids residents will go to the polls Dec. 2, top elect a mayor, a council man and a municipal court judge.


Nov. 29, 1979-If Minnesota doesn’t have a special legislative session to adopt an emergency energy assistance program and if federal funds allocated for the same purpose don’t arrive on schedule, a lot of low-income Minnesotans will be in “serious trouble.” This was the message from two DFL legislators, Irv Anderson and Lona Minne.

Nov. 29, 1979-Emergency energy assistance totaling $76,400,000 from state and federal funds will be available to low-income Minnesotans this winter, a spokesman for Gov. Al Quie told the Herald-Review.

Nov. 29, 1979-K&K Properties has filed a $2 million suit in U.S. District Court in Duluth against the city of Grand Rapids. Mayor Robert K. Horn and council members Gary Akre, Carolyn Kastner and Vern Sackett. Lee Kuluvar of Grand Rapids and James E. Klapmeier of Mora, the developers, charge that city officials violated their rights under the U.S. Constitution and a number of state and federal laws in the way they handled the firm’s application for permits to build a government-subsidized townhouse for low and moderate-income persons.

Dec. 3, 1979-Itasca County voters will go to the polls Dec. 4, to decide whether or not the county should retain its adoption of the state building code.


Nov. 29, 1989-Itasca County Attorney Hugh Cameron revealed he finds no probable cause for prosecution of the Campaign Practices Act over a letter to the editor printed in the Herald-Review during the race for Grand Rapids City Council seats.

Nov. 29, 1989-Starting Nov. 30, the Grand Rapids area will be served by the combination radio stations of KOZY and KMFY.

Nov. 29, 1989-Joe Hayes, chief executive officer of Lampert Lumber Co., announced the company will build an 18,000-square foot home building center on Highway 169 South.

Dec. 3, 1989-Blandin Paper Co. employees, for the fourth time since their union contract expired June 30, have rejected another tentative contract.

Dec. 3, 1989-Commissioner Doug Carpenter observed a county supervisor getting a haircut during normal working hours. He wanted the supervisor’s privilege of take-home use of his county vehicle withdrawn.

Dec. 3, 1989-The Minnesota Supreme Court has ruled Itasca County acted properly when it required an employee, civil defense director Arvid Martin, to take an unpaid leave of absence without a hearing when that employee decided to run for public office in 1984.


Nov. 28, 1999-The only point of agreement during the meeting of the Grand Rapids Township Board of Supervisors, Grand Rapids City Council and about 80 township residents was saying the Pledge of Allegiance together. The meeting was for the possible annexation of Grand Rapids Township.

Nov. 28, 1999-Blandin Paper Co. is looking at an automated system to aid in odor control before the effluent leaves the paper mill.

Dec. 1, 1999-Grand Rapids High School students looking for trouble had first better look up and see who’s watching. As of last month, 37 surveillance cameras are being installed at various points inside and outside the school, Reif Center and ICTV.


Nov. 29, 2009-Work on railroad trackage for the new steel mill north of Nashwauk was halted temporarily due to contract language flaws identified by the state.

Nov. 29, 2009-It wasn’t a unanimous decision but the Cohasset City Council approved hiring Rick Horton for the city’s new city projects and city services coordinator position.

Nov. 29, 2009-The Itasca County Board approved the purchase of 2,795 acres of replacement forest land at a cost of $2,655,155 (or $950 an acre). The forest lands will replace what the county sold to Essar Steel.

Dec. 2, 2009-A traffic stop on River Road in Grand Rapids resulted in a 25-mile high-speed chase reaching speeds in excess of 110 miles per hour. The chase ended on the Scenic Highway. Following the chase was a physical struggle and arrest of the suspect.

Dec. 2, 2009-Greenway School District held a community celebration in honor of Vandyke Elementary’s 2009 Blue Ribbon Award.

Dec. 2, 2009-On Nov. 20, Ramsey County District Court approved the petition of the Charles K. Blandin Residuary Trust for approval of its accounts and also reviewed the Blandin Foundation’s commitments to the Itasca County area for the years 2006-2008.

Dec. 2, 2009-Grand Rapids is well on its way to having its first Hospice Home. After receiving a $1 million donation toward construction of the home from an anonymous donor back in 2006, Itasca Hospice Partners began a planning process that is now nearly complete, and expect to break ground this coming spring.


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