Jan. 18, 1902-Luther Lindlader, one of the officers at the new paper mill in Grand Rapids, said he confidently expected to put a sheet of paper over the first machine installed at Grand Rapids within the next 30 days.


Jan. 17, 1912-It was reported that W.J. Boyd, who left Grand Rapids about a month ago to visit his son in Denver, Colo., was murdered somewhere in Colorado. He was a member of the Bass Lake Town Board.(Ed. note: He was later found safe and sound.)


Jan. 18, 1922-A representative of the federal government was in Grand Rapids searching records in order to impose federal penalties against those convicted of liquor violation laws.

Jan. 18, 1922-G.G. Hartley, Duluth, the man who platted Grand Rapids, was one of the owners of Bovey and Nashwauk townsites and was concerned in the development of mining properties, died.

Jan. 18, 1922-John Beckfelt, proprietor of the Pioneer Store since 1883, has decided to retire from active business and has sold his business to E.H. Boyer of Minot, N.D.


Jan. 20, 1932-Speed records continue to be broken. The latest record of an exceptionally fast trip was made when the time necessary to travel from Grand Rapids to Duluth was cut to 25 minutes. The new speed record was established by Henry O’Hara, Duluth aviator.


Jan. 14, 1942-Frank Kelm, 28, Grand Rapids, was killed in a copper mine accident in Arizona.

Jan. 14, 1942-Mrs. Ellsworth Specht, 21, Bovey, died as a result of burns sustained at her home in an accident.

Jan. 14, 1942-More than a dozen Itasca County men who had been in the Army under selective service but who had been placed in the Reserves because they were 28 and older, have been called back to active service.


Jan. 17, 1952-L.M. Becker was appointed superintendent of the West Hill Mine, a property being developed northeast of Grand Rapids.

Jan. 17, 1952-Consideration of plans for construction of a new Itasca County Jail will be resumed.


Jan. 15, 1962-Net profits of municipal liquor store operations in Grand Rapids dropped to $53,774 in 1961, a loss of $6,626 from the 1960 figure.

Jan. 15, 1962-School District 316 at Coleraine will abandon its hot lunch program on Feb. 1. Board of education members were told Jan. 8, that the program had lost $4,430 in the first four months of school and that only 887 of the 2,492 students in the district have been using the program.

Jan. 15, 1962-Robert R. Gilruth, former Nashwauk resident, will receive an award for “outstanding leadership in technical development of spacecraft for manned space flight” in New York City.


Jan. 13, 1972-Grand Rapids Councilmen Jerry Dufner and Ken Iverson were named to a committee to study the possibility of amending the ordinance of snowmobiles to include a curfew on night operation.

Jan. 13, 1972-A proposal for testing water in Itasca County lakea to “learn if they’re going bad and to see what we can do about it” drew interest at an Izaak Walton League meeting.

Jan. 17, 1972-Highway Committee members outlined preliminary plans for an all-out Grand Rapids Area Chamber of Commerce campaign to obtain another bridge across the Mississippi River near the downtown area of Grand Rapids.

Jan. 17, 1972-Marilyn Vollmer, 38, Grand Rapids, was killed in a car-train accident at a crossing some 9 1/2 miles east of Grand Rapids. 


Jan. 14, 1982-Ryan Development Co. and the City of Grand Rapids are apparently in the final stages of negotiations on an agreement naming Ryan the developer of the downtown mall project.

Jan. 14, 1982-If the Itasca County Road and Bridge Department strikes Jan. 17 or thereafter, the county is ready. County officials compiled a contingency plan to keep roads passable in case of a work stoppage as threatened by local Union 1452.

Jan. 18, 1982-A charred, smoldering ruin is all that remains of Tom Foolery’s Restaurant and Bottle Shop on Highway 169 South and Gary Drive.

Jan. 18, 1982-Midnight Jan. 17 was the first day the Itasca County Road and Bridge Department could have gone on strike but employees reported to work.


Jan. 15, 1992-Itasca County may have to begin again on the redistricting process if a charge by Commissioner Bob Loscheider is proved. Loscheider alleges that the redistricting plan adopted by the county goes against a ruling by the state’s attorney general.

Jan. 15, 1992-The traffic signs at Third Street North and Pokegama Avenue will remain in place and possibly even be approved, contrary to a plan the Minnesota Department of Transportation had for that intersection.

Jan. 19, 1992-Three Grand Rapids businesses were destroyed as fire ripped through the Vanity Cleaner building. The building housed Vanity Cleaners, Mesabi Recreation and a barbershop.


Jan. 13, 2002-Grand Rapids/Itasca County Airport Commissioner Rusty Eichorn questioned county commissioners why he was not re-appointed to another three-year term on the commission. Insteadm, the county board approved the appointment of Mike Ives.

Jan. 13, 2002-District 4 Commissioner Bob Frick was elected as chairman of the Itasca County Board.

Jan. 16, 2002-The Grand Rapids City Council meeting featured the oath of office taken by the new city Mayor Susan Zeige and Councilmen Robert (Skip) Drake and Charles (Todd) Driscoll.

Jan. 16, 2002-A Greenway High School science teacher has been charged with a felony for allegedly touching a student inappropriately.


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