March 24, 1900-Thomas A. McHugh was named superintendent of the Itasca County Poor Farm for another year.

March 24, 1900-Al Nason has purchased lumber for the construction of a new hotel at Ball Club.

March 24, 1900-A co-partnership consisting of John Dolph, W.E. Martin and R.M. Patterson has been formed under the name of the Grand Rapids Manufacturing Co. The concern will engage in general manufacture of lath, shingles, box boards, etc.

March 24, 1900-B.L. Lieberman of West Superior, Wis., was in Grand Rapids to start a business.


March 23, 1910-In 1895, there were 536 farmers in Itasca County. In 1905, that number had risen to 1,611.

March 23, 1910-There is considerable talk of putting the water and light plant and other Grand Rapids utilities in the hands of a commission.

March 23, 1910-A letter has been received from a company which owns a large sand brick factory at Saginaw, Mich., stating it is thinking of locating at Grand Rapids.

March 23, 1910-According to reports, Swift and Co. has purchased a tract of land at Deer River and will erect a large pail and tub factory.

March 23, 1910-Alexander James “Sandy” Kennedy, 65, one of Grand Rapids’ pioneer residents, died.


March 24, 1920-The high school in Deer River will be enlarged by an $85,000 addition, according to the result of a bond election. The bond issue was approved 161 to 31.

March 24, 1920-A dam that keeps Bowstring from draining into the Mississippi River was completed.


March 26, 1930-Robert Hammond, crane helper at Butler Brothers shops at Cooley, died in an accident there. It was the first mining death in Itasca County this year. Also, Peter Delich, also employed by Butler Brothers, died as a result of a mining accident injury.

March 26, 1930-Former Itasca County pioneer Stafford King is a candidate for auditor for the state of Minnesota.

March 26, 1930-Grand Rapids will have a modern telephone system within a year. The old hand-operated crank phone boxes are to be replaced by the latest battery-operated instruments.

March 26, 1930-Madson and Peterson is the name of a new business for Itasca County, located in Blackberry. It will manufacture brooders for sale to poultry men.


March 20, 1940-Andrew Walter, 94, Grand Rapids’ oldest citizen, died.

March 20, 1940-Florence Burlingame has sold her interest in Camp Folly Gardens to Dudley Green.

March 20, 1940-Phillip Crea, Nashwauk policeman who shot and fatally wounded Norman Dwyer of Duluth in an incident while he was on duty, must stand trial on charges of second degree murder.


March 23, 1950-Lloyd Bernsten of Hermantown was named the outstanding student at the North Central School of Agriculture.

March 23, 1950-John A. Van Dyke, 88, former superintendent of schools at Coleraine, died in Orlando, Fla.

March 23, 1950-A former Grand Rapids resident, Ira Huntosh, was shot and badly beaten in a robbery in Texas. He is in a Texas hospital.


March 22, 1960-Peter Shevich, 65, Calumet, was killed by a falling pole at the Hill Annex Mine near Calumet.

March 24, 1960-Leland F. Hodgson, Grand Rapids public accountant, was sentenced to up to five years in prison. He pleaded guilty to charges of first degree grand larceny involving funds of the Grand Rapids American Legion and Veterans of Foreign Wars posts.


March 19, 1970-A third meeting of the Teachers’ Council and Salary Negotiations Committee of the District 318 School Board ended without discussion of any salary proposals.

March 19, 1970-District 318 will ask for an order requiring the eight plaintiffs in the new school site dispute to file a surety bond of $1 million in district court at Crookston. Attorneys for the plaintiffs will request a new trial at the same hearing. Judge Warren A. Saetre of Thief River Falls found in favor of the school district and the village on Feb. 20, 1970.

March 23, 1970-Itasca County Republicans gave Attorney General Douglas Head a straw vote edge over Lt. Gov. James B. Goetz at the county convention.

March 23, 1970-One hundred and twenty deer habitat improvement projects have been approved for the primary deer range of northern Minnesota.

March 23, 1970-In the first real dispute over county zoning to be brought before the Planning Advisory Commission, that body indicated it intends to keep teeth in its regulations, as it denied the request of two developers for zone changes to tolerate commercial ventures in areas now zoned residential.

March 23, 1970-Christian H. Schacker, former secretary of the Blandin Paper Co., and executive director of the Charles K. Blandin Foundation, died in St. Paul.


March 20, 1980-County Attorney Sonya Steven advised the Itasca County Board not to give final approval or allow the Wasson Lake Development Project to start until a 30-day review period has been completed by the Minnesota Environmental Quality Board.

March 20, 1980-District 318 School Board members will discuss the proposed withdrawal from the Tri-County Cooperative.

March 24, 1980-Former Gov. Karl F. Rolvaag, now a Bowstring Lake resident, returned after serving as an official U.S. delegate to the United Nations Commission on Human Rights in Geneva, Switzerland.

March 24, 1980-Save Minnesota Deer, a Grand Rapids-based organization which has spearheaded efforts to improve deer habitat for the past 12 years, may become a more general, statewide hunter group.


March 21, 1990-The District 318 School Board entered into an agreement which resulted in the resignation of Leon Tuominen, district superintendent, effective June 30.

March 21, 1990-Grand Rapids veterinarian Dr. John Howe was endorsed for the Minnesota House of Representatives seat currently held by Rep. Loren Solberg at the Independent-Republican County Convention.

March 21, 1990-School District 318 will overspend its 1990 fiscal year budget by nearly $265,000, according to Ben Hawkins, the district’s administrative assistant for fiscal affairs.

March 21, 1990-Becca Ralston of Grand Rapids High School returns to the National Speech Contest for the second consecutive year in original oratory.

March 25, 1990-Union representatives from the eight organized groups in School District 318 met to discuss and respond to the district’s current budget shortfall.

March 25, 1990-The Grand Rapids Business and Professional Women announce that Geraldine Downing has been chosen as Young Career Woman of 1990.


March 19, 2000-House Republicans decided to give Itasca County $3.5 million to revamp the area’s infrastructure in preparation for a major steel mill and taconite mine near Nashwauk.

March 19, 2000-Itasca County Deputy Sheriff Jim Robertshaw knows the number by heart as four days a week he constantly dials the number in his quest to become a contestant on the highly-rated and popular television show “Who Wants To Be A Millionaire.”

March 19, 2000-Mike Gorham of Grand Rapids, owner of Northwest Gas, will be inducted as the new president of the National Propane Gas Association.

March 22, 2000-Declining enrollment and reduction in federal funds forced the School District 318 Board to cut 25 teaching positions.

March 22, 2000-Lutheran Social Services of Minnesota said that it will withdraw from its counseling and behavioral health partnership with St. Luke’s Hospital.

March 22, 2000-Grand Rapids High School speech and debate coach Lee Alto will be inducted into the Minnesota State High School League Hall of Fame on March 23, in Minneapolis.


March 21, 2010-The Grand Rapids Public Utilities Commission and the Grand Rapids City Council will hold a joint meeting in April to further examine the possibility of merging Public Utilities with the city.

March 21, 2010-Itasca County Sheriff’s Deputy Paul Provinzino pulled his name from the list of candidates for sheriff.

March 24, 2010-True to their word, members of the Grand Rapids City Council held a discussion on gasoline pricing in Grand Rapids because people were saying they were taking their business out of Grand Rapids to purchase gasoline in another community and then doing their shopping in that community while they are there.


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