Sept. 15, 1900-The Republicans of the 52nd Legislative District are badly mixed up and much disgruntled as a result of the convention conducted in Grand Rapids.

Sept. 15, 1900-It is no longer a secret that President James J. Hill of the Great Northern Railroad contemplates tapping the rich country to the northwest with an extension of the northern division of eastern Minnesota.


Sept. 14, 1910-The Itasca County exhibit at the state fair contracted considerable attention. It won first place in native grasses and millet and tied for first on potatoes. It tied for third place among state counties overall.

Sept. 14, 1910-J.M. Price of Alvwood Township began construction for the erection of the Alvwood School.


Sept. 15, 1920-The Grand Rapids High School Potato Club, made up of Emil Erickson, Harold Aiton and Clarence Bunnell, took first place in potato judging at the state fair.

Sept. 15, 1920-Edward O’Reilley of Bovey will meet Sailor Sharkey of Duluth in the main event of a 20-round boxing card to be conducted in Grand Rapids.


Sept. 17, 1930-The Frederick-Mills Lumber Co. will soon open for business in Grand Rapids.

Sept. 17, 1930-Iron mining companies in Minnesota must pay still greater taxes into the state treasury, according to a decision of the Minnesota Supreme Court. The mining companies cannot deduct the amount of the state royalty tax assessed against mine owners from the value of the iron ore before setting the value of one on which the mining companies must pay occupational taxes, known as tonnage taxes.


Sept. 11, 1940-Rudolph Kassler, 31, Rice Lake, was killed in a traffic accident.

Sept. 11, 1940-The county election board will be used for the purpose of registering men for the selective draft, if the bill now before Congress is passed.

Sept. 11, 1940-The Itasca County Board empowered Sheriff William Crisp to engage the services of an extra deputy. This man must be a cruiser, qualified to see that timber is not cut on tax delinquent lands.


Sept. 14, 1950-Dr. Sisto Sarvas of Finland is visiting experimental forests in this area.

Sept. 14, 1950-Chris Erickson, 75, Wendigo pioneer and longtime president of the Itasca County Fair Board, died.

Sept. 14, 1950-Grand Rapids Village Council members named Charles Denzel foreman of the village street department to succeed Robert Burns who has resigned.

Sept. 14, 1950-Corporal Wallace Tanner, who attended Grand Rapids High School before entering the U.S. Army, has been reported killed in action in Korea.


Sept. 13, 1960-Ten-year increases of 54.63 percent in valuation, 177.04 percent in taxes and 13.11 percent in population were reported for Itasca County.

Sept. 15, 1960-Fifty of the nation’s top scientists and newspapermen will gather for an intensive exchange of ideas at DeHaven’s North Star Camp at Marcell.

Sept. 15, 1960-Construction started on the new municipal liquor store at Cohasset.

Sept. 15, 1960-Dairyland Electric Co-op, Inc.. of Grand Rapids has applied to the Corps of Engineers for permission to construct an overhead power transmission line across the Mississippi River near Cohasset.

Sept. 15, 1960-Alf Madsen and Otto Litchke won places on the general election ballot as commissioner candidates from the Fourth District at the primary election. Ted Pederson and Walter Brink will be the candidates for the Second District position on the county board.

Sept. 15, 1960-Mr. and Mrs. Gildo DeBellis have sold their S&O Hardware Store to Robert Peck of White Bear Lake.


Sept. 10, 1970-The new bridge for County Road 63 over the Mississippi River, one mile west of downtown Grand Rapids, will be open for traffic before winter.

Sept. 10, 1970-An economic feasibility study for the possible construction of a major new iron ore pelleting complex at Hibbing has been commissioned by Pickands Mather and Co. and Bethlehem Steel Corp..

Sept. 10, 1970-Five persons were killed in what highway patrolmen believe may have been the worst traffic accident in recent Itasca County history on Highway 169 two miles east of Bovey. Killed were Duane Vaudrin, 26, Pengilly, Frank Lavalier, 68, Bovey, his wife, Mrs. Lavalier, 60, Bovey, and Mr. and Mrs. Virgil Baker of Wichita, Kan., both about 63 years old.

Sept. 14, 1970-Environmental control measures at the Clay Boswell Plant at Cohasset will complete Minnesota Power and Light Co.’s present pollution abatement program by July 1973, it was announced.

Sept. 14, 1970-Don Boese has been appointed to the history department at Itasca State Junior College.


Sept. 11, 1980-The stage has been set for candidates to face each other in the November general election as a result of final tabulations from voting in the primary election. In the Legislative District 3-B Independent Republican race, Robert “Bob” Lemen was victorious over Ron Karkela. Carolyn McBride was the victor in a five-way District 3B race. Incumbent Shirley Jokinen was an easy victor in the Itasca County District 2 county commissioner race. Incumbent Alf Madsen had to settle for second place in the District 4 commissioner race to Margaret Matalamaki.

Sept. 11, 1980-Eight people alleged to be connected with a Grand Rapids “money game,” commonly referred to as the “pyramid game,” will be served papers by the Itasca County Sheriff’s Department and one complaint has been filed by a person who says he was involved in the game.

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Sept. 15, 1980-Minnesota Power dedicated its new 500-megawatt, $400,000 Clay Boswell No. 4 generating plant.

Sept. 15, 1980-The Rev. Bernard Brennan, associate pastor at St. Joseph’s Catholic Church, is leaving next month for an assignment in Duluth.

Sept. 15 1980-Bill Roettger of Splithand won two grand champion blue ribbons at the Minnesota State Fair for his potato exhibits.


Sept. 12, 1990-Incumbents in Itasca County races got a run for their campaign dollars as challengers racked up impressive results in the primary election. Jack Muhar will face Hugh Cameron for county attorney; Bob Serich will meet Terry Wilkey for sheriff; Jay Braford will meet Bob Roufs for Commissioner District 1; Douglas Carpenter will meet Leo Trunt for Commissioner District 3; and Tom Lorenz will meet Bob Williams in Commissioner District 5.

Sept. 12, 1990-Three people died after a motorcycle and car collided on Highway 2 near Blackberry. James Byron Olson, 19, Grand Rapids, Jackie Lynn Evin, 25, Grand Rapids, and Delores Helen Trotter, 47, Goodland, all died.

Sept. 12, 1990-William Henry Tendrup, 33, Bigfork, died in a motorcycle accident on County Road 61 near Coleraine.

Sept. 16, 1990-School District 316 School Board in Coleraine approved a $1,833,000 bonding referendum and it will appear on the Nov. 6 election

Sept. 16, 1990-A U.S. Army canteen cup Granville Van Dusen lost nearly 46 years ago in a Belgium forest was returned. Two young Belgians who search for such things as a hobby found it.


Sept. 13, 2000-Incumbent County Commissioner Tom Saxhaug will face former County Commissioner Matt Huju in the general election for Itasca County Commissioner District 2.

Sept. 17, 2000-Those who live along the Highway 169 project have probably already gathered that construction has fallen behind schedule the past few weeks.

Sept. 17, 2000-Because fewer than 100 votes separated Bob Lemen and Warren Nelson in the Republican primary’s Eighth District race, an automatic recount will be conducted.

Sept. 17, 2000-”Gordy Newstrom is in fact Mr. Aviation of Minnesota,” Jeff Hamiel, executive director of the Metropolitan Airport Commission told a large crowd attending the Grand Rapids Area Chamber of Commerce luncheon.

Sept. 17, 2000-Eric Wegner of Grand Rapids had the grand champion Christmas tree at the Minnesota State Fair.


Sept. 12, 2010-A group of people have started working on having Grand Rapids named as a Yellow Ribbon community.

Sept. 12, 2010-Hill City school district has proudly operated “in the black” financially. Because of that, the small district with enrollment averaging between 250-300 is called to help solve the state budget deficit – once again.

Sept. 12, 2010-A local effort to erect an Angel of Hope monument in Grand Rapids has become a reality as it was installed on the south bank of the Mississippi River.

Sept. 15, 2010-For the second year in a row, the Grand Rapids city tax rate has fallen. The city council approved the preliminary tax levy for 2010, payable in 2011, at an amount of $5.3 million, with the city’s tax rate percentage at 65.200. It is approximately a 1.2 percent drop from last year.

Sept. 15, 2010-Itasca County Commissioners put Essar Steel Minnesota’s Chief Mine Engineer/Manager Ted Anderson on the spot with questions fueled by a rumor. The rumor was that Essar had used project labor agreements last year but may be trying to get out of such arrangements.

Sept. 15, 2010-William Doll, 64, Perham, Minn., was killed in a two-vehicle crash near Talmoon.


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