Editor’s note: For many years, the Herald-Review published historical headlines from the newspaper’s archives going back decades from present day. This column, compiled by Ted Anderson, became a favorite among readers. We will be returning the Historical Review to our pages starting today and continuing weekly in our Sunday edition.


July 1, 1899-D.W. Doran reopened the feed and livery stable formerly occupied by James Doran.

July 1, 1899-The LaPrairie Bridge is out and settlers cannot come to Grand Rapids.

July 1, 1899-Frank McCormick was appointed Grand Rapids village marshall.

July 1, 1899-John Hepfel will open his new business on Fourth Street on July 3.

July 1, 1899-Sam Cable began to do business in his new store today. His business is called Cable Grocery and Meats.

July 1, 1899-No death has ever been announced to the people of Grand Rapids that caused such general grief as that of Luman Warriner.


June 30, 1909-Tony Bollotti, 40, Nashwauk, was killed near Nashwauk when hit in the head by a shovel wielded by Vito Duella, 25. They were working for Butler Brothers engaged in railroad grading.

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June 30, 1909-B.C. Finnegan has petitioned Judge McClenahan for an order restraining Grand Rapids from settling bonds because he says the public is now aware of what is going on.


July 2, 1919-The World War was formally brought to an end June 28, by the signing of the peace treaty with Germany.

July 2, 1919-The U.S. is now officially dry. The wartime prohibition ban went into effect and will be enforced.

July 2, 1919-An informal meeting of several Grand Rapids soldiers and sailors was conducted and it was decided to organize at once and make application for a post in the American Legion. R.A. McQuat acted as temporary chairman of the meeting.

July 2, 1919-The mill and factory of the Minnesota Veneer Works of Deer River was totally destroyed by fire.

July 2, 1919-Petitions to the Grand Rapids School Board called for new schools to be located in the Evergreen area near Bigfork and a consolidated school that would include the territory now served by the Maple Lake, Dunbar and Round Lake schools.


June 26, 1929-Mrs. J.B. Shoen of Jacobson was killed near Blackberry when struck by a vehicle. She had lost her hat on the road and had stepped from the vehicle to retrieve it when killed.

June 26, 1929-Search for Anna G. Wilson, who disappeared from her cabin 18 miles east of Bigfork, has been abandoned.

June 26, 1929-Louis W. Hill, chairman of the board of the Great Northern Railway Co., was a visitor in Grand Rapids.

June 26, 1929-Five brothers were arrested at one time in Grand Rapids for selling goods without a license. They are the Williamson brothers.


June 28, 1939-WPA workers in Itasca County are spending an average of $59,801 every month for the necessities of life.

June 28, 1939-The Grand Rapids Junior Chamber of Commerce was officially presented with its national charter.

June 28, 1939-John Henry “Tex” Riechert, 79, a Grand Rapids resident for 55 years, died.

June 28, 1939-Matt Peltoniemi, 52, who lived in a cabin on Dead Horse Lake, a few miles from Suomi, drowned in the lake.


June 30, 1949-Heavy rain flooded sections of Grand Rapids streets and caused sewers to back water into basements in many parts of the village.

June 30, 1949-Three Trout Lake community boys were found after search parties combined the area for eight hours. Found safe were Daniel Yugrich, Terry Street and Gerry Sobtzak.

June 30, 1949-Crews are expected to start installation of traffic signals at the intersections of Pokegama Avenue and Fourth Street and First Avenue West and Fourth Street, both in Grand Rapids.

June 30, 1949-Television has come to Grand Rapids. D.D. Holcomb, proprietor of Sparks Radio Shop, is successfully receiving telecasts from his home.


June 30, 1959-Steel companies and the United Steelworkers of America have agreed to extend present agreements for two weeks while contract negotiations continue.

June 30, 1959-Major Edward F. Shannon, commanding officer of the 2nd Reconnaissance Squadron of the 194th Armored in Grand Rapids, has been promoted to lieutenant colonel.

June 30, 1959-Oliver Iron Mining Division operations on the Mesaba Range were suspended because of a work stoppage by seamen on Pittsburgh Steamship Division vessels.

June 30, 1959-Clayton K. Riste of Mora has been appointed manager of the Minnesota State Employment Service at Grand Rapids. He replaces Paul Dudley, who retired.


June 26, 1969-William Uffenfeck of Marshfield, Wis., will begin duties as vicar of First Evangelical Lutheran Church on July 1.

June 26, 1969-The Rev. Kay Bischoff, associate pastor of Community Presbyterian Church for the past two years, submitted his resignation.

June 30, 1969-Mayor Truman Shoaff has been notified by Sen. Walter F. Mondale that a loan of $672,200 for low-rent housing for the elderly in Grand Rapids has been approved.

June 30, 1969-Michael E. Rice, 21, Bovey, died of injuries received in an automobile accident on County Road 7 in the Lawrence Lake area.


June 28, 1979-Leo Keskinen, dean of instruction at Itasca Community College, was awarded the position of Knight of First Class of the Order of the Lion by the Finnish government.

June 28, 1979-Moving railroad tracks to allow downtown development in Grand Rapids is possible, but Burlington Northern will not participate in the cost.

June 28, 1979-Greater Pokegama Lake Association members nominated officers and authorized the board to offer Nesbitt Island to the Park and Recreation Commission of Itasca County.

July 2, 1979-Several Grand Rapids service stations say a state plan that calls for a minimum purchase of gasoline is ridiculous and unenforceable. Motorists with four-cylinder cars are ordered to buy at least $5 worth of gasoline. Operators of cars with six or eight cylinders will have to buy at least $7 worth.

July 2, 1979-The battle against Dutch Elm disease in Grand Rapids continues this year, although the disease has appeared to diminish a bit.

July 2, 1979-The results of a feasibility study for a family YMCA in Grand Rapids will be studied by directors of the Blandin Foundation.

July 2, 1979-Jim Nelson, highly successful head hockey coach at Grand Rapids High School, has been named an assistant hockey coach-instructor at the University of North Dakota.


June 28, 1989-NorthPrint Company will liquidate its assets as part of its Chapter 11 bankruptcy and has a standing offer to sell the assets to current chief executive officer Doug Nelson and partner Jon Miner.

June 28, 1989-A Grand Rapids man has been arrested and a warrant for another man has been issued for the early morning burglary of the Hardee’s Restaurant in Grand Rapids in which more than $4,000 was taken from a safe.

June 28, 1989-Gonjo’s Restaurant opened May 27. Manager is Jeff Barstows.

July 2, 1989-The Grand Rapids City Council closed a deal with Russ Virden to purchase property on the northwest corner of Fifth Street North and Fourth Avenue for future use as a parking lot.

July 2 1989-A site in south Grand Rapids is one step closer to being developed for a Pamida Store because of an agreement reached between the Grand Rapids City Council and developer.

June 28, 1989-Ryan Development petitioned and gained approval for the vacation of several parcels of streets and alleys to facilitate the development of land intended for a Pamida Store.


June 27, 1999-The Minnesota DNR local fisheries office announced that Eurasian water -milfoil was located in McKinney Lake, located on the northern edge of Grand Rapids.

June 27, 1999-A South Dakota fisherman, Rex Robert Johnson, 75, drowned in Lake Winnie.

June 30, 1999-A gravel pit once belonging to the Minnesota Department of Transportation on 14th Street has a new owner in the Grand Rapids City Council.

June 30, 1999-Near tragedy was averted when 22 people at a family reunion required medical treatment after lightning struck a pavilion at Gunn Park, located north of Grand Rapids.

June 30, 1999-Jim Luoma bid his farewell after serving for eight years as superintendent of Grand Rapids schools.


June 28, 2009-Blandin Foundation trustees approved $3.85 million in grants including continued support for early childhood programming and further development of Deer River Hired Hands.

June 28, 2009-Direction was made to postpone the final vote on the sale of 3,975.5 acres of tax-forfeited land to Essar Steel Minnesota.

June 28, 2009-Mark Adams will be the new shared superintendent for the Greenway and Nashwauk-Keewatin school districts.

June 28, 2009-A hiring freeze and mandatory unpaid furloughs have saved Itasca County nearly $600,000. Now those savings will be more as a recent change to Minnesota statute allows for a decrease in county commissioner salaries at any time. The Itasca County Board approved a mandatory decrease of 32 hours from each commissioner’s rate of pay for the remainder of 2009.

July 1, 2009-A church outing on Pokegama Lake turned tragic when two men drowned while assisting youth in the group. Albert John Hermiston, 63, and Nathan Randall Junker, 30, both of Grand Rapids, died.

July 1, 2009-The investigation continues into a bank robbery in Cohasset. Chief Deputy Terry Snyder said approximately 200 leads have come in since the robbery of Woodland Bank in Cohasset. The amount of money taken was not disclosed.

July 1, 2009-Harris Township will celebrate 100 years with a celebration at Crystal Park on Crystal Springs Road.


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