Ground work and concrete work has begun on Cohasset’s daycare and community center facility as of last week. Representatives from ICS Consulting were present at the Tuesday, Aug. 27 Cohasset City Council meeting and provided an update.

It was stated foundation work on Area E, the community center and daycare center, had begun and concrete work started Tuesday.

“You should see the gym go up in about four days,” said Kent Koerbitz, ICS representative.

Koerbitz discussed a bit of an issue with Columbus Avenue and that approximately 275 families would be at the open house Thursday, Aug.29. Discussion between the school and the consulting firm was made as to parking and traffic and that hopefully traffic would access the school via Third Avenue.

Work would continue, but be weather dependent, with setting up more concrete for sidewalks.​

“We are a little bit at the mercy of the weather​,” explained Koerbitz, adding the county project for resurfacing Columbus Avenue is about three weeks late, which had a completion goal end date prior to school starting Tuesday. ​

“We have to separate the buses and parent traffic,” continued Koerbitz. “We very much appreciate the support from Max and Greg. Anything we are going to do we will try to communicate as quickly as possible.”

He continued, “Going to be putting up the block walls next week, you will see large crews, pickup trucks. Construction will start in full gear next week.”

Along with this, the council approved two City of Cohasset Contingency Line Expenditures due to the Daycare and Community Center Project: $7,000 for Senior Center range (Denlar) hood upgrade in Area E as a result of the Minnesota DLI plan review and $5,000 in crushed rock added to footing bottoms in Area E (city spaces) as a result of unsuitable soils. ​

Koerbtiz stated they found the water table was higher than what was shown. ​

“No surprise in this town,” Cohasset Mayor Greg Hagy said. ​

There would also be a $2,000 credit coming back to the city.

“Typically most contingency items come with site preparation,” added Koerbitz.

In other business: ​

• A public hearing was set for Sept. 10, to amend ordinance No. 48, city of Cohasset Parking Regulations. ​

• The council approved a temporary liquor license for a wedding reception at the Cohasset Community Center on Sept. 21, 2019 put on by the Fraternal Order of Eagles. ​

• The coundil, approved the use of the old public utilities building for Minnesota Spay Neuter Assistance Program (MNSnap), to perform spaying and neutering of cats and dogs, Sept. 8-11.

“It’s a good spot for them to do it,” Councilor Terry Bartz said. ​

Councilor Jason Tabaka suggested the “what if’s” and stated we [City] have to make sure the fire department can access equipment in the building. ​

“It’s mostly low income people bringing their animals there,” Bartz said. ​

The agenda states, MNSnap provides reduced rates for low income individuals for the spaying and neutering of cats and dogs, and they were in need of a climate controlled space to facilitate the program. They travel in a large motorhome type vehicle where the procedures are performed. The public utility building would be for MNSnap staff and recovering animals (kept in enclosed carriers). ​

• As for miscellaneous updates, there are some kids running some fast quads and Bartz said he would like Cohasset Security Officer Dean Scherf to talk to the kids. ​

“I think Dean knows where they are at,” Mayor Hagy said. ​

• It was mentioned that Monday, Sept. 2, the city office and shop will be closed for Labor Day. ​

• The council approved the consent agenda as read with claims in the amount of $353,167.86, the Aug. 13, 2019 city council minutes, as well as acknowledged the cemetery deed for Pamela and Charles Gesme, Sandy Schlidt and Sara Litchke. ​

All council members were present, with no resident input. The agenda was approved as read.


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