For the love of the City of Bovey

Pictured, at their lemonade stand are friends Reagan Gleason and Nyomi.

Simple lemonade stand sparks much larger fundraiser

It has been said that one small step can change the world. For a small group of kids in the town of Bovey, a small lemonade stand has transformed into a major fundraising effort for their community to update the town’s park with updated and safer equipment.

After discovering that a piece of equipment at their local park was broken, Reagan Gleason and her friend Nyomi brainstormed ways to raise money to fix it. The two decided to open up a lemonade stand because it was, “hot out and everyone likes lemonade,” Brittany Steinkraus, Reagan’s mother, said.

The two girls set their eyes on raising $300 and surpassed it, bringing in a total of $392.66. Other local kids did their own fundraising, bringing the grand total to $500. Inspired by the support of their community, they set a new goal for themselves. Their next mission is to raise $3,000 for a new tire swing. But they didn’t stop there.

Reagan and Nyomi, along with Reagan’s sister Kaedynce, and friends Gage and Landon, are now looking to bring in $30,000 to update the park to be ADA accessible.

Rachelle Ireland, owner of Nana Chelle’s Cafe and member of Grow Bovey said, “The city was so inspired by their story to fix some equipment that was broken and raise funds with a lemonade stand that they now are accepting donations at City Hall if you want to help and various businesses can put up the flyer and jar to help the kids collect. The children will also be pursuing some grant opportunities that were presented to them.”

This group of children are working on coming up with their next fundraiser. Ideas include a pet or car wash, dog walking and lawn clean up. Steinkraus encourages other children to share their ideas if they want to get involved. Those interested can stop by Nana Chelle’s Cafe to speak with Steinkraus who will bring the ideas to the city’s street commissioner.

“The community has been nothing short of amazing. There are so many people that have stopped by and donated. We can’t thank them enough. Reagan has reached out to the Lions Club, Rotary Club, the CEDA and Trout Lake Fire Department—all of which said they were going to help,” Steinkraus remarked. “We love this community and we are so thankful for them for helping a young girl realize that no matter what your age is, you can make a difference!”


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