The Arrowhead Regional Arts Countil has two available grant programs open currently—the Established Regional Artist grant and the Emergency Working Artist grant. Deadline to apply for the grants is Friday, May 28 at 4:30 p.m.

The Established Regional Artist Grant Program provides larger project grants to working professional artists that represent the diversity of the region. For Fiscal year 2022, six grants of $8,000 will be awarded. 

The Emergency Working Artist Grant provides $2,000 for working artists to do a work of art in the next six months and sustain themselves during the COVID-19 crisis. The art produced does not have to be specifically about the pandemic, but projects should be able to be done within the next six months. A portion of the grants will be set aside for teaching artists to pay for their time, an arts education project, or needed equipment to convert their work to new virtual requirements. A total of 24 grants are planned to be awarded.

Both are for projects beginning August 1, 2021.

The panel that reviews proposals for the Established Regional Artist Grant will make their decision based on the criteria set forward below but will present a slate of projects that they think best fit the criteria as a whole.


- Artistic Quality, both of past work and of the proposal presented

- Ability to carry out the project

- Your strategy to know whether you accomplished what you set out to do (evaluation and assessment of the project)

The Established Regional Artists Grant (ERAG) committee will also consider how the grants selected would impact the goal of making sure funds reach a diverse pool of artists. For this purpose, the goal of reaching a variety of artistic disciplines and the State of Minnesota’s definition of diverse populations as stated in their competitive grant review policy will be used:

Diverse populations include:

- Racial and ethnic communities, including American Indians

- LGBTQI communities

- Disability status

- Veterans

- Geographic diversity within and across Minnesota

To encourage geographic diversity, only two ERAG grants each year can go to any one geographic area within the region, which is defined as each county but with St. Louis County divided into two areas: Duluth and the remainder of the county.

If you have any questions, please email or contact Grants Manager, Holly Hackett-Rich directly at Applications, completed or partially completed, can be reviewed in advance of submission, with priority to requests made two weeks or more before the deadline. 


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