Deer River City Clean up Days is scheduled for the end of April. At the Monday, March 8, 2021 Deer River City Council meeting, Rick Rogich, Deer River Public Works, stated notices for sure dates would be posted by the end of the month.

“I’m thinking it will be the 24th and 25th of April, but we will have notices up by the end of March,” Rochich said.

In other business, the council:

Approved the bills for $7,841.74.

Rogich updated the council on two skid loaders that they have demoed.

“I just got quotes on that, and hopefully more information on that next month for you guys,” Rogich said, adding they are awaiting quotes on two units. “We also looked at Cohasset’s dump truck.”

This unit was a Mack truck which the City of Cohasset has.

The ice rink and sliding hill are closed for the season.

Rogich said they replaced a curb stop at 18 1st Avenue Northeast. The owners are remodeling and needed the water off. The curb stop would not turn. The City is responsible for the repair because it was the curb stop that was not working.

“As of today, we did put road restrictions up,” Rogich said.

Street sweeping will be starting up soon.

“Trying to get some of that up and off the floor,” Rogich said.

Rogich had a quote for a dissolved oxygen meter for $1,410.00, which will be paid for from the sewer fund. Council approved the purchase of this meter.

Rogich presented a quote for a new mower, which shows a trade-in value of $2,544.00 to bring the new mower’s total price to $9,899.00. Rogich said the City would pay for the mower from the parks and sewer budget. Rogich said the current machine is a 2011 model. Council approved this purchase.

“I’ve had so many compliments on the roads this year,” Councilor Chris Reed said.

Reed talked about the groundbreaking for the pond. After discussion, the last week in April would be the targeted week.

Box is looking for approval to purchase a temperature monitoring system for the White Oak building, which was approved by council.

Council approved Box to sign the cooperative purchasing agreement with the State of Minnesota.

Chief of Police Brian Castelllano stated the Tahoe has been put into service and the chief will continue working on the background checks for the part-time applicants.

The department has made five felony drug arrests in town in the last week and a half. Castellano said these are people passing through.

Mayor Geving met with the police and fire chiefs and the fire chief will start using the police and fire squad to respond from home. This will give the fire chief the ability to arrive quicker to access the scene.


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