Deer River City Council was asked by City Administrator Mark Box at Monday’s regular meeting if the council had an opinion about making reservations for the pavilion at Moose Beach. ​

“Somebody wants to reserve our pavilion on a Sunday,” Box said. ​

“Talk to Cohasset,” Councilor Chris Reed stated, as the City of Cohasset has a policy for theirs at Tioga Beach. ​

“I think there should be a fee,” Mayor Steve Geving stated, adding even a small one would help with maintenance and cleanup of the facility.​

After discussion, the council felt it was in best interest to have a policy in place, with Box to connect with Cohasset and potentially other communities to ask about their policy. ​

In other business on Feb. 10, the council: ​

Approved the minutes from Jan. 27, 2020 with punctuation and grammar changes and changing Councilor Dan Graf to being absent, as well as approved the work session minutes from Jan. 28, 2020. ​

Approved bills in the amount of $34,142.46 with a few questions from the council which were explained by both Box and Public Works Foreman Jason Lundquist. ​

“As you can tell with some of the billing, I’ve been busy repairing equipment,” Lundquist explained. “The guys have still been out doing snow removal. There is never a lack of things to do.” ​

“Good job on the snow removal,” Councilor Barb Serfling commented. ​

“Trying to keep everything moving,” Lundquist added. ​

Held discussion on a possible grant that could be applied for to purchase a dump truck which could be used to get the Christmas decorations down off the street lights. ​

Heard a report from Administrator Box who stated Tuesday’s work session would be at the high school, to host the Itasca County town hall meeting to discuss the new jail facility. ​

“I need the mayor to sign a temporary easement on the property that we are trying to sell to the snowmobile club,” Box said. “As soon as the mobile home is moved, the easement goes away.” ​

Approved resolution 2020-03, updating the current social media policy language, which was recommended by the League of Minnesota Cities. ​

Box informed the council on the status of updating the City of Deer River’s webpage. Part of the council wanted to allow as much time that was needed to get the job done right, others wanted to watch for overtime. After discussion, a motion was made to allow up to 20 hours of pay and if more time is needed, Box could allow additional hours. ​

Discussed the tobacco ordinance.

“We need to update our tobacco ordinance,” Box said, adding this was just for the sale of tobacco, not for the use. “We just need to change it from 18 to 21.” ​

“Is there a grandfather clause for those over 18?” Richards asked, with Box stating no. ​

“Where are we at with the license bureau?” Geving asked. ​

Box explained it would take a few hours to install the remainder of the equipment. He also added at least one person stops by every day and asks on the progress. ​

Heard from Deer River Police Chief Tammy Perry who informed the council that the candidate for the patrol officer position is complete, with recommendation to hire Jeremy Johnson. Motion was made to hire Johnson for the position of police officer beginning March 23, 2020. ​

“I feel like we would have been lucky to have any one of them,” Geving said.

All council members were present. There was no resident input.


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