Jean Luke Arel, with Eide Bailly, presented the executive summary for the City of Cohasset 2018 audit, which is three to five years of information at a regular meeting of the Cohasset City Council on Tuesday, May 28.

“They received a clean audit again this year,” Arel said. “That is the best audit opinion the City can receive.” ​

Cash from 2017 to 2018 increased by $1.4 million, primarily due to a decrease in industrial park expenditures, Arel said. ​

He added general operations revenues were very consistent from 2016 to 2018.

Snow and ice removal increased by about $25,000 this year, as well as insurance paid, due to a change in health insurance provider. ​

Several funds proved to be self-sustaining such as the water fund and natural gas fund.

“Due to a rate increase, there is a fairly sizeable increase in revenues of 125,000, and a slight decrease in expenditures,” Arel said. “About half as many service lines this year.” ​

“Overall looking good,” Arel said, being thanked for his presentation. ​

In other business: ​

• A 6 p.m. city council work session was held to discuss the multi-use trail on County Road 63. The collaborative project between the Cities of Grand Rapids and Cohasset would cost $686,070, with $400,000 being paid for by grant monies and the remainder being split Cohasset (60 percent) and Grand Rapids (40 percent) .​

The project will connect the trail on County Road 63 and will go to the Mississippi River bridge in Grand Rapids, costing the City $171,642 with a 10 percent contingency. ​Later in the meeting, the resolution was approved.

• Approved the temporary liquor license for the 1969 class reunion on July 20, 2019 for S Bastian Companies, LLC. ​

• Approved the rental fee waiver for the Grand Rapids Area Track and Field Association’s End of the Year Awards Banquet scheduled for Monday, June 3, for approximately 120 youth and family. ​

• The Enbridge Right of Way Easement documents were approved. ​

• Approved Itasca County resolutions approving county projects within municipal corporate limits, a resolution for parallel parking and a parking restriction resolution. ​

Ryan Sutherland, Assistant Itasca County Engineer, said these resolutions were required for the Cohasset School project.

“It actually came upon us very fast [the road],” Sutherland said. “Up until the first part of April it was on the plan for 2020. Hoping to start the road construction at the end of July.”

Cohasset Zoning Officer Greg Tuttle explained the City has received some complaints about people parking on side walks. They have had to change the ordinance so they have something to enforce. The planning commission did have a public hearing earlier this month. This was approved. ​

• A motion was made to approve the natural gas line relocation on County Road 227 (Columbus Avenue) which would cost $25,390. The current line needs to be relocated due to the Itasca County road project in conjunction with the Cohasset Elementary School remodel.

• Approved the quote from Quality Flow in the amount of $6,890 for a lift station number two valve replacement.​

• Heard comments about the community’s Memorial Day celebration.

“The veterans luncheon went really well,” Mayor Greg Hagy said. “About double the size than last year.” ​

He added they gave away 15 flags at the event. ​

Cohasset resident, Becky Virkus, gave compliments about how nice the cemetery had looked for Memorial Day. ​

• Approved claims in the amount of $150,064.41 and the May 14, 2019 city council minutes. ​

All council members were present. There was no resident input.


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