At a budget session on Monday, Sept. 9, the Cohasset City Council discussed a $2.85 million bond request for development of the old Cohasset lumber yard just off Highway 2. As plans sit now, the 40 acres of redeveloped industrial land would be turned into a Mississippi Riverfront Marina and Boardwalk adding to downtown development. ​

Preliminary plans show a hotel, retail shopping, restaurants, condominiums, park and green spaces and community gathering areas. ​

This would be in addition to the newly constructed Tioga Recreation Mountain Bike Trails, and connect to Lake Pokegama, Pokegama Golf Course and the Taconite Snowmobile Trail System. ​

The Marina and Boardwalk Project is estimated at $6.3 million, with a $2.85 million Minnesota State Bonding Request. ​

"We will keep everyone informed as that plays out," Cohasset Mayor Greg Hagy said.

In other business, the council: ​

Held a public hearing to amend ordinance No. 48. ​

"It allows us to apply our fee structure, we had put in place and fine structure, without having to go to court," Hagy explained. "This can be handled by the city." ​

"Like you said the ordinance is already in place," Cohasset Security Officer Dean Scherf added. ​

"Any discussion on the council end?" Mayor Hagy asked. ​

Nobody voiced any concerns, council or public. ​

Approved the recommendation from the donation committee for a $25 fee waiver for the Pavilions on Tioga Beach for Sept. 14 and 15 for a high school angling event will be held there. ​

Approved a quote from Eck Designs for a Tioga Recreation Sign up to $29,500. The invoice would be paid with grant monies. ​

"That is quite the sign," Mayor Hagy said. "It looks real good." ​

A quote from Purple Lizard Maps in the amount of $18,400 for trail map design for the Tioga Recreation Area was opened to discussion and tabled until the next council meeting. ​

Councilor Terry Bartz explained at some point the council needs to start holding these people to the 90 days, or we [City] need to put a penalty to them. ­­­­​

"Can we put this off?" Bartz asked. "I just think its time the city start sticking up for itself." ​

This item was tabled until the next meeting. ​

Approved a request to hold the volunteer appreciation event on Saturday, Dec. 14, 2019 at LMNOP-izza. ​

Approved payment to Ron-Ex Excavating for soil screening at Tioga Recreation Area in the amount of $50,713.75, also paid with grant monies. ​

Approved the one dollar per hour wage increase for election judges to $12.50 and $13.50, for judges and head judges, which are comparable wages to neighboring communities as stated in the agenda. ​

"They work their butts off, and do a great job," Councilor Jason Tabaka said. "They are here for a long time." ​

Approved the fireworks display agreement with Pyrotechnic Display, Inc (Light the Night) for $3,500. ​

"They do a really good job," Bartz said. ​

"Beautiful," Councilor Mary Flink stated. ​

Reminded residents that removal of flower boxes from Wildwood Cemetery is typically Oct. 1. Anything not removed by this date, will be removed by city.​

Heard from Scherf who said he received an email from a dispatcher asking if there would be maps for emergency purposes on Tioga Mountain Bike Trails.

"I think it's important for this map thing to get up and running," Scherf said. "I realize this is going to happen, just the matter of when." ​

"It's probably a good idea to be riding with your cell phone," Finance Director Max Peters stated. ​

"You've got some preliminary signage up right Max?" Mayor Hagy asked. ​

Sherf also stated that house watch patrol requests went out recently. He encouraged people to turn them in.

"I keep them to myself, nobody else sees them," Scherf said. ​

They had the second Running the Rapids Marathon.

"It went smooth, and everything went well," Scherf said. "There was no incidents. It was well attended again. It was a very well put together deal." ​

Approved the preliminary levy in the amount of $2,950,000.

"So the levy will not change," Mayor Hagy said. "We found a way to keep working it. And we anticipated that." ​

Approved claims in the amount of $85,680.39 and the Aug. 27, 2019 city council meeting minutes .

Councilor Tim Carlson was absent with notice. There was no resident input.


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