Representative Sandy Layman (R-Cohasset) and Senator Justin Eichorn (R- Grand Rapids) were present at Tuesday’s regular meeting of the Cohasset City Council to provide a legislative update.​

Layman suggested a flyer to residents to give an update on the Tioga Mountain Bike project as she has received several questions about the project. Cohasset Mayor Greg Hagy stated there have been about 12 miles of trail completed. ​

Layman said topics of discussion were local taxes being out of control, continuing to make health care more affordable, continuing investment in roads and bridges, rural broadband and economic development. ​

This session was more about prevention, rather than doing she explained. ​

“I didn’t think it would be as productive as it did,” Eichorn said. ​

He added, they preserved $6 billion for Minnesota roads and bridges. Over 40 percent of the state budget is set for education and also lowered the cost of health care. ​

Eichorn got to work with a bill to teach firearm, angling and archery in schools. He explained every child who goes through the program, will get their first hunting or fishing license for free.​

“We came out pretty well,” Eichorn said.​

In other business, the council: ​

• Approved the hire of Alyson Cole and Taylor Cole, two part-time temporary 2019 summer parks and recreation positions at a rate of $12 per hour. ​

“We approved this at the last meeting,” Mayor Hagy said. “These are the replacements.” ​

• Made a motion for the approval of the natural gas line project as follows: East Bass Lake Road from Highway 2 North to Soring Road at a cost of $47,463, Pine Ridge Road to Mallard Point Road at a cost of $117,750 and a budget amendment to cover both projects in the amount of $130,000, to cover the additional costs from what was previously set in the budget. ​

• Approved the pay request invoices for completed trail construction at the Tioga Recreation Area and approved up to $300,000 for future invoices for trail construction at the Tioga Recreation Area. ​

There has been some discussion between the City and the Cohasset Fire Department as to how they will get to people if they are injured on the trail and what type of equipment they may or may not use to go over the terrain. ​

“Anyone wanting to try out the trail, the City had purchased some bikes,” Mayor Hagy said. ​

• Noted that the city office and shop will be closed Thursday and Friday, July 4 and 5 in observance of Independence Day. ​

• Heard an update from Cohasset Security Officer Dean Scherf who said Benson Bog Days was very well organized and had good attendance, with no complaints other than one call from something that sounded like fireworks.

• Approved claims in the amount of $999,324.23 and the city council meeting minutes from June 11, 2019. ​

All council members were present and there was no resident input.


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