The Grand Rapids City Council approved the purchase of two new police vehicles during its regular meeting Monday, Nov. 25.

Assistant Chief of Police Steven Schaar presented the request to purchase two 2020 Ford Police Interceptor Utility (SUV) vehicles from Dondelinger Ford of Grand Rapids for a total expenditure of $110,000. As Schaar explained, the department first made the request to the council in August. The purchase was included in the police department’s 2020 budget.

The two new vehicles will replace on Dodge Charger and one Dodge Durango currently used for the K9 unit. Both of these vehicles will have more than 120,000 miles when retired. One of the new SUVs will be used for K9, explained Schaar.

“This is part of our budget process, rolling over vehicles,” commented Councilor Dale Christy.

Schaar confirmed Christy and stated that the city has a five-year plan for replacing police vehicles.

The bid provided by Dondelinger, dated Nov. 5, 2019, priced the 2020 Ford Police Interceptor K9 vehicle at a total cost of $35,945 and the 2020 Ford Police Interceptor (unmarked) at $35,403. The total cost of the two vehicles is $71,348. With installation of police equipment and graphics, the total expenditure requested was no more than $110,000.

Councilor Tasha Connelly made the motion to approve the request for purchase and Councilor Christy seconded. The request was unanimously approved in a vote of four to zero with Mayor Dale Adams absent with notice.

In other business on Nov. 25, the council:

Approved verified claims for the period of Nov. 5, 2019 through Nov. 18, 2019 in the total amount of $755,884.19.

Adopted a resolution accepting a $57,800 grant from the Minnesota Department of Iron Range Resources and Rehabilitation (IRRR) for site work associated with the development of the Anytime Fitness facility.

Approved liquor licenses for 2020, contingent upon receipt of all required fees and documentation.

Adopted a resolution authorizing the Itasca County Auditor to assess the delinquent Storm Water Utility charges to the property tax statement of delinquent property tax owner No. 91-415-0720.

Approved a public service and infrastructure permanent easement from Barbara A. Brossmer related to CP 2014-2, 2019 Street Improvements Project.

Adopted a resolution authorizing an operating transfer from the Capital Equipment Replacement Fund to the 2018 Infrastructure/Capital Improvement Projects Fund in the amount of $107,504.

Renewed an agreement with Occupational Development Center, Inc., (ODC) for chore services at $100 per hour per crew for the 2019-2020 winter.

Authorized the retirement of a 1988 Ford F-250 pick-up truck at the Minnesota DNR auction located in Grand Rapids.

Approved the hiring of a regular part-time employee at the Civic Center/Parks and Recreation Department and implement wage adjustments for current part-time employees.

Authorized the Community Development Department to sell one retired 2006 Ford pick-up truck used for inspections and the Public Works Department to sell two retired 1999 4X4 GMC Sonoma pick-ups with plows at the Minnesota DNR auction located in Grand Rapids.

Entered into a contract with Personnel Dynamics for janitorial services.

Adopted a resolution accepting $3,950 in donations for the 2019 Shop with a Hero event.

Accepted a letter of resignation from the Police Community Advisory Board submitted by Pam Dowell.

Authorized the mayor to sign an agreement with ESC Systems and International WHResponse Center for central station monitoring of the fire alarm system and panic alarm system at Grand Rapids City Hall for a cost of $678 per year.

Approved a resolution authorizing the city to make application to and accept funds from the Minnesota Department of IRRR Community Infrastructure grant program.

Approved the 2020-2022 Library Bargaining Unit contract.

Authorized a letter of commitment to participate as a member of a Brownfields Assessment Coalition being organized by the Arrowhead Regional Development Commission.

Approved three new appointments to the Arts and Culture Commission; three new appointments to the Library Board; and two new appointments to the Police Advisory Board.


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