Cohasset City Council discussed adding more speed bumps on Tuesday, due to traffic not abiding by a 10 mph speed limit on River Road. In addition, the council discussed how several complaints have been heard at Tuesday’s regular city council meeting. 

“If we are going to enhance speed bumps on one road, they are going to bypass to another road,” Councilor Phillip Hermel said. 

The council discussed talking to Hawkinson to install the speed bumps. 

“I wish we didn’t need speed bumps,” Cohasset Mayor Greg Hagy said. 

“I’m somewhat amazed about the traffic on River Road,” Scherf said. “You are getting a lot of non-local people zipping through there.” 

“Cities have a right to post speed limits within their cities,” Cohasset Security Officer Dean Scherf added. 

“Speaking of signs, did we ever get more signs?” Councilor Tim Carlson asked.  

The council made a motion to approve additional speed bumps.  

In other business:  

A Cohasset resident brought up concerns about stop signs for the cyclists near Tioga Recreational Area, where it crosses to the beach. In addition, the resident brought up adding traffic ahead signs for cyclists.  

“That’s only for the safety of everyone. Fair enough,” Hermel said.  

“One thing we want to clarify, is that we don’t want cyclists running on the road,” Mayor Hagy said. 

Approved the request to hire Mitch Drobbs as firefighter trainee with a start date of July 20, 2021.  

Approved the request for the planning commission to make a recommendation to the City Council to increase the maximum building height in the heavy industrial zone district from 60 feet to 75 feet (zoning ordinance section 10.071).  

Approved resolution 2021-24 to accept coronavirus local fiscal recovery fund established under the American Rescue Plan Act.  

Approved resolution 2021-25 authorizing the City of Cohasset to request Itasca County to withhold from sale and approve the purchase of property.  

“It’s over in the downtown zone, and we can utilize that property, and we want to put our name in to get it,” Mayor Hagy said.  

Approved the payment of 2021 coalition of utility cities dues in the amount of $19,479, a budgeted item.  

Approved certificate of support for USDA Rural Development Community Facilities Application for the City of Virginia, Minn.  

Approved real property declaration waiver request.  

Approved Braun Intertec authorization for environmental services (MN Power Utility Corridor – Huber Engineered Wood Site).  

Council discussed the Cohasset Lumber Mill Tax increment financing (TIF) analysis.  

“The plants, the flags, everything looks fantastic in the City,” commented Mayor Hagy.  

Scherf stated the City issued a conditional use permit for Benson Bog Days, and they had another good event. 

“T-ball concludes on Thursday,” Hermel said. “And Stephanie (Kessler) did a great job.” 

Approved claims in the amount of $111,488.62, the June 22, 2021 city council minutes and acknowledged the cemetery deed for Robert and Toni Simonson.  

All council members were present.  


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