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Hollywood movie legend Judy Garland was born in Grand Rapids, Itasca County in Northern Minnesota. A standing tribute to this vivacious performer's Hollywood career and life, the world's only Judy Garland Museum is a labor of love by its dedicated staff & supporters. Visitors can see Garland's personal treasures, photos, props and costumes from various films including The Wizard of Oz. Taking pride of place, next to the world's largest Wizard of Oz memorabilia collection, is the original carriage from the film (said to be worth around $2 million), and once owned by President Abraham Lincoln. Every year, the museum holds the Judy Garland Festival which has been hosted in the past by Hollywood stars like Mickey Rooney and Jane Powell. The museum also incorporates the beautifully restored (and outfitted) white house in which Garland grew up as a little girl. This episode showcases the myriad of activities staged during the festival, interviews with fans, Judy Garland experts & the dedicated museum staff.

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Itasca County, a few hours north of Minneapolis, is 75 miles west of Duluth and world-renowned Lake Superior and just an hour or so from Bemidji, Brainerd, and Walker.

The following towns comprise this vibrant forest community:






Deer River


Grand Rapids


La Prairie



Squaw Lake




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