The Bovey Edition: Bovey, MN was a historical jewel in the Iron Range and is known for its rich mining history beginning in the early 1900's and as the home of world-famous photograph & Minnesota's official State picture "Grace". We profile the history of the Grace photo that was taken by Eric Enstrom in his Bovey studio back in 1918. Bovey was bustling in the early 1900's. A major highway led through the town's center and past the Renaissance Revival designed Bovey Village Hall which still stands today and is listed on the National Register of Historical Places. Opposite Bovey Village Hall was the Bovey Mercantile store, the biggest hardware store in Northern Minnesota at that time. Now known as Annabella's Antiques, legend has it that part of the store operated as a speakeasy during prohibition days. The still existing tunnel & side doors that led from the basement out to the alleyway is how the patrons escaped during fed raids, we are told. To a backdrop of early 30's speakeasy/jazz styled re-enactments, we interview residents who lived in the area through the Depression era who have a first hand account of the lively happenings in Bovey and surrounding areas, including Patricia J. Walls, co-author of Bovey, A Century of Change and Bovey, A Century of Change II.

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Itasca County, a few hours north of Minneapolis, is 75 miles west of Duluth and world-renowned Lake Superior and just an hour or so from Bemidji, Brainerd, and Walker.

The following towns comprise this vibrant forest community:






Deer River


Grand Rapids


La Prairie



Squaw Lake




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