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The Grand Rapids Affinity Plus Credit Union branch took part in the company’s’ 7th annual Plus It Forward Day on Monday, October 14. Employees took the day off to go out in the community to spread kindness by visiting the elderly, giving out gift cards and displaying inspirational signs along Highway 169.

Throughout the state of Minnesota, Affinity Plus Credit Union employees took the time on Monday, Oct. 14 to participate in the company’s Plus It Forward Day. More than 50 employees at the Grand Rapids Affinity Plus branch went out into the community to share some kindness. 

A press release from Affinity Plus read, “Each year, our hope is that by scattering kindness, more kindness will result - whether you're a giver who keeps on giving, or a receiver who wants to Plus It Forward and share kindness with someone else.”

Plus It Forward Day began in 2013 as a way for Affinity Plus to make an impact on the communities it serves. The event was held on a Saturday in 2013 which led to difficulties as the company is open on Saturday. It was difficult to coordinate enough employees while still keeping the credit union open for its members. It was decided that the day would be moved to Columbus Day, a day the credit union is closed so all employees can participate and members would not be affected. 

Dave Larson, president and CEO of Affinity Plus, participated in Plus It Forward Day in the Fergus Falls community and was pleased with how the day went.

“Overall, it was an incredible day. Whenever we can get 550 employees focused on one aspect we can do a lot of remarkable things,” Larson remarked.

Grand Rapids employees, all dressed in purple, made inspirational road signs to hold up along Highway 169. Additionally, they visited the elderly and handed out gift cards in the community. Larson commented on how proud he is to see how the Grand Rapids branch has grown from just six employees to 51 today. 

“It just speaks to our belief and commitment and a real passion for that community,” Larson said. “Our employees are a special group of people.” 

Plus It Forward Day has expanded to include 50 credit unions (CU) in Minnesota and other states in 2019. The event has been rebranded as CU Forward Day in order to include other credit unions. Larson hopes that the event can continue to grow until all credit unions throughout the United States are participating. 

Larson added, “Wherever you are, you end the day with a pretty big smile knowing the impacts you’ve had.”


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