Sammy’s Pizza and Restaurant doubles capacity with renovations

Photo by Emily Carlson | Herald Review

Patrons of Sammy’s Pizza and Restaurant in Grand Rapids will be pleased to know that renovations to the building have been completed. Changes include a new bar area, private party room and an expanded buffet. 

Sammy’s Pizza and Restaurant in Grand Rapids has completed renovations that have doubled the building’s capacity from 140 to 280 people. The renovation process started two and a half years ago, but official changes to the physical structure of the building began May 2019. Closing the restaurant Nov. 12, Sammy’s Pizza and Restaurant opened again Dec. 9, 2019 with everything completed.

“We grew out of our space,” stated Tony Jerulle, co-owner of the Grand Rapids locations. “Because of that we started out with a design that matched some of our other stores.”

The interior of the restaurant was designed to reflect a modern Italian style while keeping the history of Sammy’s Pizza and Restaurant and an up-north feel visible. Changes to the building include 40% more space with the addition of a private party room, new bar area and larger kitchen. The private party room seats 48 people and has its own buffet. The main buffet in the restaurant has also grown to include more vegetables and pasta. 

When asked what else would be important to know about the restaurant, Santina Jerulle stated, “Family and community.”

Tony and Santina wanted to recognize Maria Jerulle, Seth Childs, Jeremy Powers and Katie Sisco. With more than 70 years of experience between them, they were instrumental in the process of transforming the Grand Rapids location. They also acknowledged the community’s patience as the building was closed. 

“We thank Grand Rapids for being so patient,” said Tony. 

To contact Sammy’s Pizza and Restaurant, call 218-326-8551.


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