The Coleraine and Bovey Police, along with members of the Trout Lake Fire Department, formerly the Bovey & Coleraine Fire Departments, held a National Night Out community get together at the site of the newly constructed Emergency Services Building on Sept. 3 with free hot dogs and brats, chips, ice cream, water and door prizes.

Attending the festivities with vehicles and equipment representing their agencies were, Trout Lake Fire, Bovey and Coleraine Police, the Minnesota State Patrol, Itasca County Sheriff’s Search & Rescue, Itasca County Sheriff’s Boat & Water, and Sheriff’s K9, having displays and handouts for children and adults. Additional booths were the Greenway High School Volleyball students and the Greenway Area Community Fund.

The Itasca County Sheriff’s SAR had their Command Center on hand for the public to view and the fire department had actual demonstrations of putting out a car fire, a grease fire on a cooking stove, and removing a trapped person (mannequin) from within a vehicle with the Jaws Of Life Equipment. The sheriff’s K9 officers demonstrated how a dog is able to apprehend a suspect.

The highlight was Coleraine officer Pete Hussman, who showed the spectators a taser gun demonstration, with a fire fighter being the victim. First Officer Hussman gave a talk about the taser gun, which is very helpful to the officer in that they don’t have to use brute force, and the taser leaves no harm to the offender, other than immense temporary pain and muscle immobilization.

Commissioner Leo Trunt commented on the taser gun display, “I learned a lot how it is beneficial to the officer, and less harmful to the offender, contrary to what I have seen on TV.”

Coleraine Police Chief and Fire Chief, Lonnie Mjolsness, who coordinated the event along with members from both police departments, Trout Lake Fire, and their spouses said, “We wanted to further bring the communities together, and we felt like having a National Night Out type of atmosphere during Farmer’s Labor Day weekend would be the best time, and on behalf of the officers, firefighters, and their spouses, we want to thank all who attended, and especially the sponsors, 4SeasonsMarket, R.J’s Market, Bobs Country Market, Locker Room, Pepsi, L & M Fleet Supply, Target Stores, and Coles Hardware, and we intend to make this an annual event.”

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