The 2019 Itasca County Fair is looking to upgrade its water system for animals in the barn. With an estimated $15,000 in costs to make the upgrades happen, a fundraiser was started to raise money to help the project.

Local businesses are encouraged to donate $250 to the cause and in return, they will be delivered a round bale of hay to decorate any way they please. The Itasca County Historical Society (ICHS) kicked off the effort with the creation of their very own pink elephant which sits in the alleyway between ICHS and Wells Fargo in downtown Grand Rapids, who they refer to as “Allie.”

Lilah Crowe, executive director of ICHS, said, “It will help the fair and is a great attraction for any business!”

Businesses or groups are encouraged to decorate their bales as they see fit, such as following a theme that aligns with their work. The fair will also feature 10 bales of hay decorated by local 4-H clubs.

After the fair, the bales of hay will be taken back and given to rescue horse locations.

Donation checks should be made out to the “Itasca Agriculture Association” and can be brought ICHS. The Itasca County Fair opens August 14 and goes through August 18. For more information on the fundraiser, contact ICHS at 218-326-6431. To find out more about the fair, visit


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