“Remember there’s no such thing as a small act of kindness. Every act creates a ripple with no logical end,” -Scott Adams.

Minnesotans are invited to help spark a wave of kindness during the week of Nov. 18 – 22 which Gov. Walz has designated Minnesota Acts of Kindness Week. During this week-long celebration of kindness, efforts are underway to bring together families and individuals of different backgrounds and circumstances. Individuals are encouraged to perform acts of kindness, playing a part in creating kinder, more compassionate communities.

United Way of 1000 Lakes invites everyone—volunteers, donors, families, children, individuals, and all community members—to spontaneously do something nice for another person. Hopefully, an act of kindness will inspire another to pass the goodwill on, and the chain of kindness will continue. Here are a few ideas to get you started:

· Pick up an extra coffee for a coworker, or pay for the next person in line’s coffee.

· Shovel a neighbor’s driveway, or help them carry their groceries inside.

· Leave a family member or a friend a note letting them know how much you appreciate them.

· Capture your acts of kindness via photos and videos and share on social media, using #LiveUnitedMN. Please tag us @UWay1000Lakes on Twitter, @UnitedWayof1000Lakes on Facebook and @uway1000lakes on Instagram.

· Wear your Live United T-shirt, free with $25 donation. Money raised goes to support your local United Way and benefits more than 30 local programs.

Hopefully, spending a week consciously reflecting on kindness will lead our community to become kinder by habit, and people will continue to perform acts of kindness throughout the year. For more ideas and to take part in our kindness challenge, visit unitedwayof1000lakes.org/MAK or call United Way at 218-999-7570.


Since 1963, the United Way of 1000 Lakes has partnered with local nonprofits to identify critical issues, create partnerships, and raise funds to help people in the Itasca area. Mobilizing the caring power of the communities it serves, the organization’s mission, drives work to create a happier, healthier community. They accomplish this by inspiring collaboration, fundraising, and volunteerism.


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