Temps may be dropping, but the heat is on! Itasca County is seriously under-represented so far in the 2020 Census, meaning less representation in regional, state and national decision-making. More power shifts to higher-reporting communities (Hennepin County’s participation rate is nearly 80 percent and rising) and other states (Ohio will be happy to take our 8th Congressional District).

As of Sept. 9, only 54.2% of Itasca County households are represented in the 2020 Census.

It’s up to residents, now, as individuals and leaders to make up ground in these final days.

People are encouraged to appeal personally, checking with family, friends, coworkers, congregations, township members, parents, etc., to make sure they have – for sure – completed their forms. Once again, it’s just 10 questions and takes 5 minutes and must be done by Sept. 30. Feel free to forward this email!

To complete a Census form:

· Online at my2020census.gov, or

· By phone at 844-330-2020, or

· By completing the form you received in the mail or delivered to your door, if you still have it

It matters – big time, and for a long time

Every person counted means $2,796 every year over the next 10 years returned to our communities and our state. Also, if we don’t get everyone counted, we become more invisible in redistricting.

A new Itasca tool

A new tool provided on the Blandin Foundation website is hoping to help with shareable community “dials” updated each week. Find this at https://blandinfoundation.org/articles/itasca-county-census-updates/#progress


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