Cohasset City Council approved resolution 2020-21 for Lake Country Power sign right-of-way (ROW) vacation at Tuesday’s regular scheduled meeting.

“We are talking about a pie piece,” Cohasset Mayor Greg Hagy said, of the triangular shaped ROW. “It’s not going to harm any of our utilities. I would obtain a motion to approve this.”

“They originally thought this land was part of their property,” Cohasset Zoning Officer Greg Tuttle said. “Since it’s their powerline, they can deal with that.”

“By the way, their building looks beautiful,” Mayor Hagy said.

A unanimous motion was carried.

In other business:

The council approved two requests from the Cohasset Fire Department: accept a grant in the amount of $10,000 from the Itasca County COVID relief fund made available through the CARES Act to be used for eligible expenses and the purchase of rescue equipment to be used at Tioga Recreational Area (equipment to be purchased with the CARES Act grant dollars).

“Kudos to you guys, that park is really getting used a lot,” Cohasset Fire Chief Davin Tinquist stated. “We’ve had a couple rescue calls, and a few self calls. So the need is there.”

Tinquist updated the council on steep slope rescue and $11,000 in harnesses that he would like to apply the $10,000 grant to.

“We did not budget for this,” Tinquist said.

“I appreciate you guys doing that training, and appreciate you being at a state of readiness,” Mayor Hagy said.

The council appointed 2020 Election Judges as follows: Dianne Payment and Jeannette Ritter (head election judges), Penny O’Brien, Margaret Maki, Leota Oberg, Norma Hill, Dorothy Sondergroth, Connie Bentson (election judges), as well as Jan Luehrs (COVID public health judge).

“Other than to say thank you to the judges, it’s one of the highest quality elections that I have been around,” Mayor Hagy said.

The council approved the sale of scrap vehicles to Smith Recycling.

“We’ve got the Dodge Caravan that is in pretty tough shape,” Mayor Hagy said, along with a couple additional vehicles. “We can’t take them to the auction. They also can’t be sold outright, because they were state vehicles.”

“I would love to see the van run, but we can’t figure out a way to do it,” Mayor Hagy added.

The council approved the purchase and install of a new motor in the City 2010 Ford F150 in the amount of $5,436.40

The council approved the Halloween drive-through treat bag give-away on Saturday, October 31, 2020 from 4 p.m. to 6 p.m. or until the City would run out of treat bags. The City plans to purchase $600 worth of goodies to fill the treat bags. The treat bags and free taco coupons have been donated by Taco Johns.

“I think that’s great!” Councilor Mary Flinck said.

The council approved the public utilities commission recommendation to appoint Delbert Anderson to the Cohasset PUC.

The council acknowledged Bill Boutwell’s resignation to from the economic development authority.

Cohasset Security Officer Dean Scherf said the pick-up at the Cohasset Elementary School seems to be going smoother and discussed routing traffic for the Halloween pickup to avoid congestion by the fire hall.

“I think it’s going to be busy, and I certainly don’t want to hold up the fire department,” Scherf said.

Claims in the amount of $101,548.25 and the September 22, 2020 city council minutes were approved. The council acknowledge the September 14, 2020 PUC minutes, the September 1, 2020 EDA minutes, the September 2, 2020 planning commission minutes, as well as the cemetery deeds for James and Patricia Davey and Katie Firman.

All council members were present. There was no resident input.


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