Driver's Education

Joe Aitken with a few of his students.

Last fall (2018) at the Bug-O-Nay-Ge-Shig High School, an interesting and probably life-saving discussion was initiated by the Driver’s Education class. The discussion centered around a recent routine traffic stop in Minneapolis. The unfortunate result of the traffic stop was the fatal shooting of a young man because he apparently did not follow the officer’s commands during the stop. The result was the very unfortunate and unnecessary loss of a human life.

After considerable discussion with the school’s driver’s ed. class, it was agreed they would contact the Department of Public Safety to suggest the following:

1. Include in the Minnesota Driver’s Manual that any person pulled over be required to place both hands on top of the steering wheel and any passenger (front seat) place hands on the dash immediately in front of them.

2. If pulled over at night, the driver is required to turn on the interior lights and place hands on top of the steering wheel.

3. Sit still. Make no sudden moves when the officer approaches your vehicle. For example, do not look for something under the front seat or in the glove compartment.

4. Stay calm, follow the officer’s commands explicitly. Do not become combative, argumentative or attempt to challenge the officer in any way. Stay seated unless instructed otherwise by the officer.

After several emails back and forth to the department, the students received notice in February, 2019 that their recommendations were reviewed by two committees and accepted. They will be included in the new Minnesota Driver’s Manual - until then, a one-page insert will be used.


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