Roger Weber (R - Nashwauk)

Roger Weber

Nashwauk, Minn.

Education/experience: Hibbing Community College, computer-aided drafting and design

Previous Nashwauk Township supervisor

I’m running because this current administration does not understand business, taxes nor morals and how each has an effect on our society. My children’s generation (18-35) will bare the burden of these out of control tax and spend DFL policies. Fifty percent of our college graduate children upon leaving college cannot find a job and the tuition freeze for our college students was merely a shift of tuition onto the already over-burdened taxpayer. Businesses are being taxed out of the state, country or into closure. Foreign companies are lured here to take our very best at taxpayer’s expense. America doesn’t need foreign steel, workers or foreign companies. Cut small business taxes so our businesses can hire new workers and reinvest into our existing and established businesses and companies. To rebuild the middle class, the first step is to cut the middle class taxes. Minnesota had the best insurance programs for the working poor and social programs. Minnesotans are now paying 47 percent higher premiums with higher deductibles and fewer choices. Insurance costs will increase now that Preferred One which carried 80 percent of the taxpayers funded premiums has announced they’re leaving Minnesota’s insurance exchange at the end of the year.

Even the most stanch Democrats are tired of the campaign bashing and are now realizing we have a financial problem. Reality is hitting home, there’s no money left after payday for enjoyment and it’s taking both family members working to stay ahead of the taxman. The “War on the Worker,” continues to bring financial hardships and is clear that it’s more profitable to receive social services, which pays the average Minnesotan about $28,000 a year than to hold a $13/hour job that pays $27,000 before taxes and expenses. Unemployment on the Iron Range is a staggering 64 percent higher than the rest of the state. Never before has the worker been so envious of those on social services enjoying every day off while the worker struggles from paycheck to paycheck or has been robbed of their pension and doesn’t get representation in St. Paul. The new American dream is trying to hold onto what was acquired during one’s lifetime. We must cut big government and its wasteful spending, reinstate the 15 percent per year insurance cap the Democrats removed, eliminate Common Core in schools, remove Obama Care from Minnesota and expose the Trans-Pacific Partnership (IPP) before it devastates America and American worker’s income.



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