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Dennis Whitson

Nashwauk MN

Education: High School, Brown Institute for Broadcasting

Experience: Retired after 31 +years from the largest manufacturer ofwelding equipment company in the world, with the last 17 years being the Distribution Center Manager for their Northwest distribution center located in Vancouver, Wa.


I would look to privatize the city’s (for profit) sponsored ambulance service unless it would be a fee free service like the other departments i.e. fire/police/street, for the citizens of


Most insurance providers do not cover an ambulance ride and the cost average is approximately $1000.00 per incident.

I would make sure the current city departments are not overstaffed and are doing their jobs.

The police department can do a much better job at enforcing traffic and noise violations.

I would look to having a better and affordable Media company come to town to provide Internet, cable television, and land line phone service.

State Highway 65 runs through Nashwauk bringing speeders and logging trucks that create excessive noise. I would work to bring a “truck route” bi-pass to expunge this nuisance.

I believe the most important position in our town is the City Clerk/Treasurer. The current person holding this position is not a resident of this town and cannot even vote here. I would open this position as to be an elected officer. The Mayor and Council Members have to residents, so why wouldn’t the most important job, not be?


The infrastructure of our streets, curbs, and sidewalks. There has been an upgrade of the downtown section of Central avenue. Under this current administration, it has taken

forever to accomplish this. Talk, talk, talk, nothing gets done in a timely manner. We now need to move to the other streets that are in more disrepair that Central ave.

Blight needs to be addressed. There are many structures in town that are an eyesore and ready to fall down. There is NO ordinances for this and resolutions need to be adopted.

The lot sizes in this town are very small. I would move to ban fire pits within the city limits. I have talked with other residents that suffer from asthma that have to keep their houses closed up to keep the smoke out. Sure, fire pits are nice, but not in close proximity with our neighbors windows.

The city Council Members receive $300.00 per month. There a couple that seem to miss several Council Meeting per year. If they are not present, they are not representing their

constituents. I have asked them to police their attendance and bring policy to order.

Again the City Clerk/Treasurer position needs to be an elected post. If elected, I will go over the books with a fine toothed comb.

“Help Me - Help You”

Thank You

Dennis Whitson

Mayor Candidate


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