Details for The Board of Education of Independent School District 318 held

The Board of Education of Independent School District 318 held a regular meeting on Monday, June 26, 2017, beginning at 7:00 PM in the Administrative Services Building Board Room. Members present: Tom Peltier, Ben Hawkins, Harvey Hietala, Matt Lehtinen, Pat Medure, Molly Miskovich Members absent: none Supporting information may be viewed and/or questions answered at the ISD #318 Superintendent?s Office, 820 NW 1 Ave., Grand Rapids, MN, (218) 327-5704. A summary of these proceedings will be published. Chair Peltier called the meeting to order at 7:00 p.m. Pledge of Allegiance Moved by Medure, seconded by Hietala, to approve the amended agenda with the addition of 6.a.1-10. Motion carried without dissent. Addition to agenda: Moved by Hietala, seconded by Hawkins, to approve the consent agenda as presented below. Motion carried without dissent. 1. Addition to agenda: Jodel Crecelius, RJEMS Special Education Teacher replacement hire 2. Addition to agenda: Jordyn DeGuiseppi, Cohasset Elem Kindergarten Teacher replacement hire 3. Addition to agenda: Olivia Downey, GRHS English Teacher replacement hire 4. Addition to agenda: Andrew Forbort, GRHS Assistant Principal hire 5. Addition to agenda: Bruce Goodwin, RJEMS Assistant Principal hire 6. Addition to agenda: Alison Koshiol, Teacher resignation 7. Addition to agenda: Susan Lerschlolarn, Speech Language Pathologist replacement hire 8. Addition to agenda: Angela Oelke, School Social Worker hire 9. Addition to agenda: Amber Serfling, Forest Lake Elem Special Ed Teacher replacement hire 10. Addition to agenda: Rachel VanDrunen, Special Ed Teacher resignation Moved by Medure, seconded by Hawkins, to accept the Resolution to recognize the Elementary Facilities Taskforce (EFT). Resolution was read by Clerk Hietala. Motion carried without dissent. Elementary Facilities Taskforce (EFT) Proposal: Mindy Nuhring, Kent Koerbitz, Kyle Hedlund. The EFT proposal was presented to the Board, representing 6 months of research and community discussion. The taskforce of approximately 200 individuals, was comprised of three committees made up of community members from all backgrounds who sought to bring forth a ?community vision that reflects community choices and values.? This entailed reviewing the work currently completed by the district, validating that work, examining the current elementary schools, meeting with city officials, reviewing potential sites, surveying teachers and principals, hosting listening sessions with stakeholders, and studying school finance options. The recommendation to the Board was to build two new K-5 elementary schools of 750 students plus a new K-5 community school in Cohasset of 300 students that would replace the 1920 portion of the current Cohasset building. The proposal is currently estimated at $74 million with a tax impact on a $150,000 home being $87 annually, or $725 per month. Further research and planning will be done to potentially reduce that number closer to $70 million or less. Though the current schools have been well maintained, they are not adequate for the way teaching has changed, nor is there adequate space to accommodate the number of students. Remodeling the schools is not possible due to the space guidelines from MDE. The EFT recommended that Southwest and Murphy Schools be retained to house programs which currently take place in leased space. They also recommended trading the Forest Lake and Riverview sites for two parcels of landed owned by the City of Grand Rapids, which would serve as ideal sites for new elementary buildings. Preferred site options: west of the hospital, southwest of the Sports Complex, and Hoolihan land between Hwy 169 and Hwy 2. The recommendation to the School Board represents approximately 2,035 hours of volunteer work. All Board members commended the EFT for the thoroughness of the report. The full EFT proposal is available on their website at Moved by Medure, seconded by Hietala, to approve the Elementary Facilities Taskforce proposal. After discussion, motion carried without dissent. Board Reports: none Superintendent Report ? Dr. Bruce Thomas: recognized the EFT co-chairs for their diligence in working with the Elementary Facilities Taskforce. Meeting Announcements Other Business: none Public Input: none Chair Peltier acknowledged Dr. Thomas? last School Board meeting sitting as Superintendent. On behalf of the Board, Chair Peltier thanked Dr. Thomas for a job well done. Dr. Thomas expressed his appreciation of the Board, admin team, staff, teachers, a supportive community and great children. Meeting adjourned at 9:02 p.m. Harvey Hietala, Clerk HR November 19, 2017135806