Sauna culture is popular in Minnesota, particularly in the arrowhead region. Lighting up a wood-fired sauna and jumping in the lake is a year-round tradition to many Minnesotans. 

Now, the authentic sauna experience can be brought right to your door. Stonegrove Saunas is a Grand Rapids-based company that delivers a wood-burning barrel sauna to a location of your choice. 

“The great thing about this sauna is its size. I can park it anywhere you want and we can bring everything you need,” Stenlund said.

The barrel-shaped sauna is constructed of western red cedar and fitted to a trailer that can be delivered to almost any location. It seats six people and comes with a 75-gallon dunk tank, two bundles of firewood, water buckets, and other essentials to provide a relaxing experience. The two bundles of wood are typically birch or tamarack, depending on the season. Additional firewood can be purchased. 

Brothers Kai and Ian Stenlund started Stonegrove Saunas in Minneapolis last year. Their Minneapolis sauna seats four people. After a few months renting in the Twin Cities, Kai moved to Grand Rapids, his hometown, and purchased a second, bigger sauna for use in northern Minnesota. 

Delivery to any location is free within 12 miles of Grand Rapids. Further deliveries are charged two dollars per mile, one way. Kai delivers all across the state and has even traveled five hours into Wisconsin for a five-day rental. 

“We really believe that the health benefits, the joy, the whole experience that a sauna gives us,” Stenlund said. “The experience of sauna is just more than getting hot. It’s a cultural thing from my point of view and I want to be able to share that with as many people and not feel like it’s some sort of exclusive spa retreat.”

Stenlund first developed the idea a couple years ago while talking to a friend about starting a new business. They were discussing different ideas when talk somehow turned to summer plans, where they hoped to utilize a sauna more often. They thought, “why not just get a portable sauna and rent it out?”.

Stenlund then found a similar business that already rented a mobile sauna in Golden Valley, Minn. He called up the owner and learned more about the business and its viability. 

Kai developed a business plan and got to work with Ian. They purchased a customized sauna to fit on a trailer from a company called Sauna Guys in Pelkie, Mich. They plan to expand on a sauna village concept with hourly rates in the future.

Kai’s goal is to make the sauna experience as accessible and cheap as possible for his customers. 

“Mobile sauna businesses are popping up all over the country,” Kai said. “We have the best rates.”

For booking information, visit their website at or call (218) 288-2681.


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