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Saiger’s Steam Clean of Grand Rapids brought some local businesses to a recent convention in Las Vegas.

Earlier last month the Mirage Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas, Nevada hosted the Experience Convention and Trade Show, a national cleaning and restoration expo. Saiger’s Steam Clean, LLC, was at the convention and proudly brought area businesses along for the ride.

Saiger’s started in 1970, according to its website, and has continued in business for more than 45 years. Mark Saiger, a third-generation cleaning specialist, not only owns and operates the company but also is, as he puts it, “out in the van, working every day.”

He also shares his knowledge and product reviews on online message boards, shares company and industry news on Saiger’s Facebook page and shares videos on the Saiger’s YouTube channel. Saiger has also presented at a number of nationwide conferences, including the recent Experience Convention.

While it’s true Saiger works hard to ensure his business is a success, he’s the first to tell that many others have helped in making his business a success along the way.

Saiger’s appearance at the Experience is a perfect example of how the help of others creates success for everyone involved

At first, he had planned on only showing off their new, custom-made carpet cleaning rig at the convention, Saiger explained. However, the more he thought about it and the more he heard back from others commenting on online cleaning message boards, he thought it would be a great idea to complete the entire van install right there at the convention.

This could only be made possible with the help of Barbara and Corey Cleveland of Silvertip Graphics Signs & Designs, Inc. in Grand Rapids; and Bryant Gillespi of who created the wrap design. They went to Las Vegas with Saiger to wrap the van in a new, blue design. Eric Wourms of Rides, LLC in Grand Rapids also went along, and put on the new “killer wheel set-up.”

“Sure, I could have had the van wrapped somewhere else and had it shipped to the convention but why do that when I can support other local businesses,” Saiger asked.

The van is equipped with a van-powered, Butler truck mount which Saiger explained is run off the van motor and has water filtration as well as water softening systems on board. He said sometimes it’s referred to as a “Saigerized Butler system.”

Saiger was excited about completing the van at the convention and said the cleaning firm created quite a buzz. He explained when he walked around on the convention floor he thought he heard his friends calling for him or that he was being paged overhead. Instead, it was other convention attendees talking about his company.

Saiger’s presentation at the convention, “Still Doing It Different!” shared some key elements to the growing success, but also focused on Grand Rapids.

“It’s important to know the community’s needs,” he said.

At the Commercial Carpet Cleaning Symposium, held after the convention, Saiger and Aron Jewett, Saiger’s son-in-law coworker and “an incredibly dedicated cleaning specialist,” showed off the new van and demonstrated a number of different pieces of equipment they use. Saiger posted one of the demonstrations, which shows Aron cleaning a surface smeared with dirt and covered in oil, on the YouTube channel.

Saiger said they have also paired with Harvard Chemical in Atlanta to release a cleaning formula, “Saiger’s Special Sauce” which will be available for purchase.

Within twelve hours of getting back from the convention, Saiger and the crew were back at work, running their vans from one job to the next. He said he has been busy answering questions posted on the online message boards about the business, his new custom-built Zipper Wand and Grand Rapids.

Saiger went on to say, he is happy about the exposure his company received and that he was able to showcase not only Grand Rapids but also what happens when small businesses support each other.

Saiger’s Steam Clean is located at 20068 Crystal Springs Loop in Grand Rapids and may be reached at (218) 326-4736. More information may be found online at or on Facebook at


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