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Plant diseases

These plants have spots and ugly things,

  • icon Posted: May 01

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Sunday 05/01/2016
Scientific illiteracy
Posted: May 01, 2016

While certain republican presidential candidates competing for arguably the most powerful position in the world sparred over the size of their sex organs, the Prime Minister of Canada delivered an impromptu and concise explanation of the emerging field of quantum computing, as well as the distinction between quantum computing and the current state of computer technology, to a group of journalists.

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Saturday 04/30/2016
Learning Literacy @ Your Library
Posted: April 30, 2016

May is a busy, busy month for Children’s Libraries. We have school groups scheduling visits, kids (and teachers) finishing school projects, and plenty of sprucing up the collection to get ready for summer. Arching over all of this busy-ness is the rainbow that is the Summer Reading Program.

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Wednesday 04/27/2016
Progressive Voice
Updated: April 27, 2016 - 8:30 am

In the last article I discussed the Biblical concept of Hell. Several people asked if I would also explain Heaven, and guess what? Here it is… my educated take on whether Heaven is a physical place or more of a concept. Of course, we all have varying ideas - and that’s good - because while there are stories of people who have experienced an afterlife during a near-death experience, none of the stories are exactly alike. Ultimately, I believe it’s impossible for us to know for sure what happens when we die. Most commonly, we hold on to the ideas expressed by the writer of the book of Revelation, as well as the theological idea of salvation, and both require us to understand the original purpose and intent of Biblical writers.

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Ask Father Mike
Updated: April 27, 2016 - 8:30 am

Why does God allow people to commit evil acts? If God knows everything, then He would have known what Hitler would do. In that case, why didn’t God just not make him?

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Sunday 04/24/2016
The persistence of Nature
Posted: April 24, 2016

Why do earth’s ecosystems, absent human interference, work so well? The occasional catastrophic event, i.e. asteroid impacts, super volcanism, plate tectonics, ice ages, etc., may disrupt life for a time but always new ecosystems adapt, evolve, and become stable, producing an astonishing array of life forms all of which contribute to the ‘balance’ of Nature.

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Admitting you are wrong
Posted: April 24, 2016

It seems when you have written as many short stories as I have, 160 of them, your mind sort of dries up and you wonder what should I write about next?

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Saturday 04/23/2016
West of the Moon @ your Library
Posted: April 23, 2016

Rapids Reads 2016

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Friday 04/22/2016
‘This is what it sounds like when doves cry’
Updated: April 22, 2016 - 2:20 pm

“And he’s from Minneapolis!”

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Tuesday 04/19/2016
Good News Voice
Posted: April 19, 2016

In a recent letter in the Herald Review, the resurrection of Jesus Christ comes into question, “I believe these appearances are visions, pieces of Christ made known in everyday life. I know this because I, myself, can certainly attest to the fact in almost 40 years, I have encountered Jesus many times. Once he was wearing Nike high tops, another time he was wearing a white shawl with a pretty pink broach.”

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