Minnesota 4-H’ers from 87 counties along with over 2,800 projects were judged in the 4-H building at the 2013 Minnesota State Fair. Every 4-H’er present placed high at their county fairs with their projects, thereby earning them the top honor of showing at the State Fair this year.

4-H focuses on the philosophy of “learn by doing”. Though the projects and animals shown at fairs during the summer get a lot of attention, 4-H provides youth with critical experiences and skills- such as communicating, problem solving, and decision making. These life-long skills are developed through working on and presenting their projects.

This year, 4-H’ers exhibited and were judged on general projects-such as Aerospace, Small Engines, Wildlife Biology and Veterinary Science- in the 4-H building from Aug. 26-Sept. 2. Itasca County had 23 participants. Of these youth, 10 rode the bus along with chaperone, Lisa Rosemore, for the 3 day encampment. Itasca County 4-H’ers who earned a trip to the State Fair represented the Blackberry, Cloverdale/Balsam, Cohasset, Crystal/McKinney, Deer River Northern Stars, Independent, Running Rapids, Splithand, and Swan River 4-H clubs.

Congratulations to the following Itasca 4-H general project exhibitors:

Jenna Card Quilting White

Rebecca Clayton Self-Determined Blue

Josie Cunningham Small Engines Grand Champion

Abryana Freshour Wildlife Biology Blue

Justin Freshour Performing Arts Blue

Marissa Gindele Clothing & Text-non- garment Blue

Caleb Goetz Aerospace Blue

Hannah Goetz Wildlife Biology Blue

Aaron Hill Self-Determined Blue

Cari Janssen Small Engines Red

Grant Janssen Shop Blue

Kali Janssen Safety Blue

Amy Jobe Photography: Creative & Applied Blue

Katie Knight Clothes You Make Blue

Elysia Morris Entomology Blue

Delaney Nelson Video Blue

Jordyn Newberg Veterinary Science Blue

Isaiah Olson Electric Blue

Sarah Olson Clothes You Buy Red

Ashley Trout Home Environment Blue

Emily Trout Child & Family Development Blue

Kacey Trout Home Environment Blue

Angel Verbeck Self-Determined Blue

Cohasset 4-H Club Banner Blue

Splithand 4-H Club Banner Red

The Itasca Fraternal Order of Eagles Auxiliary provided support to make the bus trip to the General Encampment possible.

Earning an opportunity to compete at the State Fair with a livestock exhibit is a year-long effort as 4-H’ers must take part in a selection and identification process, as well as participate in 4-H Livestock Quality Assurance and Ethics training. Nine 4-H members representing Balsam/Cloverdale, Bigfork North Stars, Deer River Northern Stars, Spang and Swan River 4-H Clubs exhibited at the State Fair from Aug. 21-25.

Congratulations to the following Itasca 4-H Livestock exhibitors:

Ryan Baker Dairy Goat-Unrec. Grade Sr. Doe Kid Red

Sadie Baker Poultry-Chickens-Egg Production Pen Red

Jenna Card Poultry- Bantam Breeding Pen Blue

Michael Hoppe Dairy Goat-Unrec. Grade Dry Year. Doe Blue, Res. Champion

Brandon Howsen Sheep- Comm. March Ewe Lamb Red

Krista Larson Dairy Goat- Unrec. Grade Milk. 3 yr. Champion, Blue

Hannah Nelson Beef- Reg. Red Ang. Jr. Yrlg. White, Showmanship Participant

Mahri Nelson Poultry- Chickens- Breeding Pen Red

Bradley Porter Beef- Reg. Red Ang. Jr. Yrlg. Red, Showmanship Participant

Volunteers are a necessary part of 4-H. Chaperones Libbe Johnson and Courtney Johnson made this trip possible, and Jack Burt hauled the livestock. Thanks, also, to the Livestock Department of Itasca County Agricultural Association, Itasca County Farm Service and Purina for providing support for the 4-H State Fair Livestock Encampment!

In addition to the general project and livestock judging, 4-H involves selected members in programs that run the entire length of the fair. Arts-In allows participating youth to gain experience in performing arts, including singing, dancing, acting, instrumental accompaniment, costume design, set construction and technical work. Each year, 4-H State Arts-In youth perform at least 40 shows to 12,000 audience members in the 4-H Building on the fairgrounds. Itasca 4-H’er Kristen Moll participated in this year’s Arts-In performance titled “Search for Excellence.”

Learn more about 4-H at www.4-H.org, find us on Facebook at www.facebook.com/4-H and Twitter at https://twitter.com/4H. For information on Itasca County 4-H contact Robbie Radaich at University of Minnesota Extension – Itasca County 218-327-2801 or radai002@umn.edu.


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