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GRPD warns of telephone scam claiming ‘Mega Million’ prize winnings - Grand Rapids Herald-Review: News

GRPD warns of telephone scam claiming ‘Mega Million’ prize winnings

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Posted: Saturday, June 18, 2011 2:00 pm

The Grand Rapids Police Department would like to alert local residents of another scam that is being carried out in the area.

A person claiming to be with Mega Millions Enterprise telephoned a city resident advising them that they had won a new Porsche automobile and $2.5 million. The resident was advised that the Porsche would be delivered to their home by a company representative. The caller further advised the resident that in order to receive the vehicle and prize money they needed to wire $2,500 via Western Union.

Once the resident sent the money they received another call from the scammers. The caller advised the resident they were in the Grand Rapids area and that a company representative would arrive at their residence once an additional $5,000 was wired to them via Western Union. Because of quick action by family members this additional $5,000 was not sent.

Once again the Police Department would like to stress to all citizens the importance of not falling for any of these scams.

"Nothing is for free and any time someone is asking you to send money in order to receive money or a prize it is not legitimate," according to Chief Jim Denny. "Unfortunately, many of the callers are very skilled at telling a convincing story and we have had citizens lose a lot of money."

Another scam is the very authentic looking checks that are mailed to citizens telling them they are entitled to a portion of the proceeds from check but the remainder of the funds has to be mailed back once it is cashed. Other scams involve claims that someone has won a lottery or sweepstakes event, most often in a foreign country.

The Grand Rapids Police Department asks area citizens to discuss these precautions with family members who they fear may be contacted by these people or receive information in the mail.

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