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Is leadership by Skype legal? - Grand Rapids Herald-Review: News

Is leadership by Skype legal?

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  • frankg posted at 2:16 pm on Sun, Jan 13, 2013.

    frankg Posts: 3

    Section 13D sets guidelines only for meetings of State agencies, and may not apply to a City Council. Town board meetings are governed by 366.01, subdivision 11 and no mention is made of absentee voting or meeting by electronic means.

  • clarity posted at 4:16 pm on Sat, Jan 12, 2013.

    clarity Posts: 26

    The first falacy in seeking an answer to this question of open meetings violations by the the city officials of Cohasset is the assumption the League of Mn. cities carries any more legal authority than anybody else on the planet, they don't. They are not the legal authority, that would be the State Attorney General and the Minnesota Office of the Legislative Auditor via Mn. Statute. The league is no more than an insurance pool carrying liability for city officials and a nonprofit league of statewide city officials, if they choose to participate. They carry no more legal authority than you or I as a private citizen. Nonprofit basically means they pay no taxes. Look them up on the net and you will find their big sponsers are companies like SEH and other contractors, bonding companies and law firms. Bottom line it's a pay to play with directors and officers who all have something to gain, but the organization has no legal standing more than you the public. If you say to a judge, "but the League says." you'll get laughed out of the court room. If he is absent for I believe three meetings the law says he can be removed and should be.


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